Be a water drop on lotus leaf

Precious Pearl

“Be like a water drop on the lotus leaf, be on it but don’t be with it”
With my articles, I fear that people shouldn’t get an opinion that I am against a social life. So, in apprehension to break that school of thought. I wanted to reinstate the statement.

worldly patterns will perish

When I’m addressing the shades of influence of society. As my interest lies on personal development. My exclusion would be from the worldly patterns which will perish.
I like to present a great line which always inspired me. It always keeps my picture clear. It sends constant signals to maintain my social life in a defined way.

How?? Have you ever watched a lotus leaf?

On muddy ponds, with huge sheets of leaves and pink flowers floating on water surface make an interesting fact. Sometimes you might have observed that a water drop, swiftly moves over the leaf as a bubble and doesn’t get lost on the leaf. The water maintains its integrity and doesn’t break into small droplets. It floats on the leaf as if it is floating on a wax layer.

Habits for others sake and for friends

As we are I this world, we are a social animal. This always forces us to be socially involved for fear of rejection from the group. So we make certain habits for others sake and for friends. People tend to booze or smoke under group pressure.

Prove your righteousness and faithfulness to God.

Above drinking and smoking people gossip about each other in social meetings. This gives an opportunity to blast each other’s flaws and prove their pridefullness. So, a social meeting must always be an opportunity for you to prove your righteousness and faithfulness to God.
You must be with the group but you should not be of the group. I mean you must be with them sitting, talking and chatting with them. Don’t be in seclusion keeping your mouth shut. But be so positive that you might change the subject of a bad topic to a lively refreshing encouraging topic.
Make a positive note.
Try to appreciate each other’s works.
Be a simple man of integrity.

So, in that sense be with them but not of them.

Stay like that water drop which is not broken on the lotus leaf.

So be in the world but don’t break your character for the world. Don’t bear the mask of world. Don’t get carried away with the flow of the society.Be a change, swim against the current of water.

Though it is slightly hard to resist the pressure of the world. One day you will be at the place where you always aimed to be.
In midst of this effort to be faithful to God.
God always helps you swim against the society.
This helps to escalate your love to god.
This also makes you a warrior for god.

Be as a water drop on the lotus leaf…….
Good luck, leader for the next party….
With gratitude
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