watch your eye

watch your eye


As a part of our series “how to train our dragon,” we will begin knowing the eyes of our dragon. How do we use them and how did god intended to use them?

“sarvendriyanam nayanam pradhanam.”

Eyes are exalted with a saying which goes as “sarvendriyanam nayanam pradhanam” as respectable chief of the senses. Eyes are most vital and precious crystals packed as a ping ball with heavy neural network. It is a sphere tailed by a thick wire called optic nerve. Which is the busiest in being a conduit for the speeding currents of images.


whole world on her little screen in eye

May be it is the busiest organ working hard. To snap the whole world on her little screen. It makes every effort to show us the world not in plane 2D like photograph. It makes the best of optics to give us a boggling 3D look. Not only does it takes pictures. It can assess depth, calculate speed, precision, accuracy.

Ask a a man who can’t?

About the value of an eye who is specially challenged in not being able to see. Even he doesn’t know the depth of the darkness lying before his eyes since his first breath.



Eyes are a valuable gift 

It is the blessing and nothing but his sheer mercies on us for this previlige of a good sight. If he has given such a valuable gift, it would be a minimal courtesy, on our part to thank god for his kindness and praise him for his magnificience.


Instead what do our eyes see?

What are they searching for?

What do eyes crave to see when no one sees us?

Are they properly tackled?

Regime of Ego

Under the regime of Ego with the red chip programming our bodily kingdom. Eyes act as a principle commander of the troops of sensual army of ego. Ego has bestowed the authority to blind fold the Godliness in this body kingdom. Eyes in obedience to the wicked ruler, followed his commands to blind a person of divine paths.


Though a person can see everything in the world.

He can’t see the beauty designed by god.

He can’t appreciate the craftswork of god.

He cant praise god for his marvelous masterpiece.

He can’t attribute the glory which god deserves.

Almost die to receive an appreciation

For example if you have made painting or some special art piece in your home with your hands. Then you almost die to receive an appreciation until unless some one notices it. You seek for their wows! Praises! Then how much god deserves in our praise. Though he is not after us to praise him.


The eyes under the authoritative ego, have been partially covered by flaps not allowing the eyes to see other things. Eyes have seen only things that are pleasurable. Eyes have craved to see nothing but lust and greed. Eyes have burnt to flare fumes on the prosperity of others. It always has seen the flaws in others.

Vaasana-signature of event

It spent whole of its time skipping the perfected ways of god. It has sought after pleasure. Everytime it had a glance of the heinous, lust filled images in the sin filled events. It registered a signature of that event called as Vaasana.” Vaasana means a record of the event and can through the memories of event. The intensity of the vaasana is proportional to the time the sense organ has been exposed to the event.

The more the time the eyes have watched the scene. The more the signals of the scene are registered on the platform of our heart.

It makes a latent pocket for the particular craving of senses. This then starts prompting the senses to watch more and more.

Eyes and senses start obeying to the unsatiable craving of heart……..


Lets see more In our next post…….TURN YOUR EYES



with gratitude


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