Heinous lust of Ravana


Kathayishyanti lokeshu purushaha: karma kutsitam Sunrusimsam adharmishtam tava soundeeryamaaninaha : 3-53-8

“Does anyone dwelling this world appreciate and accept what you have done O Ravana?

Everyone would say that a cowardly, ignorant, stupid person has abducted and held Seetha matha, captive in his fortress. This act of abducting me would never be accepted by the elders who stand for truth, nor by the valorous persons O Ravana!!” are the words of Seetha matha admonishing Ravana, while he was kidnapping Seetha matha from vanavaasa.

Let’s see in detail

What was the sin that Ravana has committed?

To lust after Seetha matha, who is wife of lord Rama. He already had a very beautiful wife mandodari. But he sought after a lady of another man’s wife to speak in human terms.

When did he commit the sin?

In my view, he already committed the sin in his heart when he had made a plot to abduct Seetha matha. It was just manifested in action when he brought his plot into execution.

In the above stanza seetha matha admonishes him that the act which he is performing is not a commendable job but a heinous act which every righteous and pharisaic man would criticize his actions.

What is revealed for us ?

Everything which we have today I our life is a blessing from our god. The life we are breathing, the food that is energizing, sleep which is refreshing. The job we are daily performing, the salary which we are drawing, the electronic appliances, the comforts or luxuries which we are enjoying are all the blessing of god. Blessing of god named as “vibhooti.”

Amongst all of them also is a spouse either wife or a husband is also a vibhooti. Any vibhooti is given by god to employ it to know god, to praise the name of god while we have it, enjoy it and ultimately that vibhooti should be able to take us closer and closer to god.

Vibhooti should never pull us from god or shift our focus from god. It should make us always think about god. Spouse in our life is a vibhooti from god.

So seetha matha reminds Ravana in the position of a guru that even he is blessed with such a beautiful wife and a kingdom to rule in right way.

Matha advises him not to run for others wife thinking that its more beautiful. We have been blessed with our vibhooti. Be happy with your blessing or vibhooti.

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