Turn your eyes

Turn your eyes

The eyes are such a powerful weapon. Which can come in hand for both the discriminative godly sense and also for the Ego. Senses because of their innate quality to keep a record of all the events which they are exposed to.


holy impressions on the heart

It depends on how eyes are utilized? All the senses are to be exposed to holier, clean environment. As they face such pure divine frames they record these holy impressions on the heart. The more they transmit divine perceptions of purity. They are habituated to that quality of events.


Rabbit of habit

Habits are the sequence following a material desire. With a materialistic desire, senses will be fed by the corresponding sensations in repetition. with repetition of sensation there sprouts “vaasana.” Vaasana sets the chain of events. It sets the workflow in to daily repeated want of that same things which they have tasted.

Strongholds for the divine fortress of soul

It goes on from few hours to few days and then to weeks of doing the same thing as a habit. That’s it the desire which pulled the whole body to it can turn out as a habit. These habits if they are good in nature not subjective to the person. But divine in God’s perspective then they become strongholds for the divine fortress of soul.

First line  of defence of Ego










If they turn out be filthy, impure, greedy deeds they become the first line defence of Ego. They become most resistant protectors of Ego. Ego draws life from these long standing and deep rooted habits. In later days Ego doesn’t allow him to quit these habits. Keeps him locked in the chains of habits.

So in a chain, material desire feeds senses.

They further nurture the habits over time.

Each habit joins other habits to raise a fire wall of Ego.

On which Ego makes a throne and rules his kingdom

warring the divine soul rule on the body.


Breach of limits

God made our senses to experience the materialistic world to execute his will. In purity they are meant for holy, divine perception and enjoyment of world in sacred limits. But as the rules are breached our senses have always been drenching in the murkiness.


God’s mighty hand

Its his blessing to have eyes. They must see godliness. They must see beauty of god. As we start turning eyes from the ungodliness. Things are not easy as you tend to be tempted more to the past ungodly habits. But good job is you have commited to leave the ugliness of lust. Above all god’s mighty hand is lifting us out the trench.

If we make one step towards god, he runs towards us to help us

Divine yearnings of heart

The more godliness the eyes see, the more the divine yearnings of heart. This triggers want of godliness in our daily life. Heart craves for the pure things. It loves to enjoy divine fragrance. The scent of lust loses its aroma and the holy fragrance occupies your presence.

Turn your eyes from the ungodly temptations


By diverting your energy towards godliness by turning to devotional music. Reading some holy scriptures of Ramayana and Bhagavad gita.

This may not seem glamorous but medicine given for sickness will also not be tasty to swallow. But the effects of the medicine turn good for us whether we like it ornot.


Don’t blabber filth of the world instead talk about god. Or even start writing “sri rama sri rama sri rama” on a paper.

Let your eyes be beautiful to watch the beauty of

divine ambience.



with gratitude


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