the three musketeers

The Three musketeers

Hello leaders, let us discuss the three musketeers or the senses that decide our mind thereby daily actions, first few lines:

Have you ever observed a remote sensor at the tip of its projecting end? It is a small crystal like eye looking you. If you show that to TV it winks & sends an invisible signal to the TV. Where the huge TV probably 100 times of its size, obeys the command of the TV viewer using the remote control.


Got the story.


Now we’ll throw some light on that. As it has lot to explain.

There are three musketeers in our story?

Got that, good let’s see these fellas in our story.

The musketeer 1: Television

Here for our context, let us describe TV.

It is a device which shows what you want to see in your mind. That means if I want to watch a favourite movie e.g.: terminator or anything you suppose. First you will watch it in your mind and then you make a wish to see it on TV. Then you will go around all the channels to watch which channel is telecasting the movie to enjoy that movie.

You will already perform the act in thoughts

So at first you will already perform the act in thoughts. Its only by the sense organs you manifest it out physically. So every act which you do, which you can experience in the physical world occurs first in our mind. Its externally portrayed that’s all.


Micro environment around you

TV is analogous to the things happening around you. Its a micro environment around you. Whether it be your work place, home, school, market, movie hall, any place within the time frame.

Events happening in our daily life.

For example, television for me would be hospital as I am a doctor. Then once I reach my home TV changes from hospital to home. If I go to some other place or a club for a gathering then the new place would be my TV. In short these are events happening in our daily life.

Environment is modulated based on sense organs perception or their projection.

If you are hungry it is perceived in the brain, then your hands will perform the act.

They will look for food. Once you get the food. Eyes decide whether it’s good or not.

Then nose smells the odour. If good aroma then allows the hands to take food.

If its foul smell then you discard. After that mouth tastes that if that’s ok, you gulp it otherwise you spit that out.

In this way, our environment is modulated based on the sense organs perception or their projection.

Our TV to show only Good, clean picture, we need a Good viewer

So for our TV to show only Good, clean pictures I mean a balanced life or acceptable way of life. We need viewer who must have the desire to watch clean movies. He must also be able to resist the ugly movies which can corrupt the mind and makes our character rotten.


Mind can pressurize the senses to rage the passions and ungodly desires.


Sometimes the viewer is so spoiled that he forces the remote to show what he wants. I mean the mind can pressurize the senses to rage the passions and ungodly desires.



Sense organs can make you restless…..

It can create such restlessness that the mind doesn’t allow the person to sit comfortably and be in peace.


Its in viewers responsibility whether the godly nature dictates or the impure ego rules the senses.

Our actions are good or bad ??? 

So whether our actions are good or bad is based on the viewer (Godly soul vs EGO) and the remote sensor(sense organs).




who is ruling you ??? 


So such big tv obeys the order of the sensor of remote control Which is just a small crystal of hardly few mms in size.

Are we puppets to these raging senses or the inner soul is dominating the show.





PONDER over till the next article…….The Second Musketeer



with gratitude


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