Think about everything

Think about everything

“Certainty of thought is the reason for inertia, doubt is the reason for introspection to knowledge”
                                                                            A  Line in a book “The Upanishads” – S Radhakrishnan
Friends, I am blessed with this line while I was reading a book called the Upanishads by S Radhakrishnan. It stuck my eyes on the line for a while. I started to “Think”.

shake your brain to think

In our child hood we had a landline in our home. Mean while Someone must have thought that why don’t we make something to carry the phone in our hands.

Technology made the mobile cellular phone an innovation that is possible. So if scientists were certain that nothing more can be done. Then there would have not been any brain shakes to think about a mobile phone.

Every doubt  gifted us a techno advance

So a doubt or an instinct to Question gifted us the technological advances. An electron microscope which can look at the nano particles. It can also bring up a satellite which is fired into orbit of earth where there is no man to operate and no gravity to keep it in its place.

The same way start getting innovations in you. Get new products in you.let the halo be growing around you.

know more about you

In the same way if we have made a certain opinion about spirituality or for that matter anything in your life. Inertia sets in i.e. you will stop searching for the next. You will miss the essence of life. You will not search unseen areas of life. You will not trek into the wilderness of life and explore the hidden beauties of life. Search out from your comfort zone to know more about you.

Start introspecting everything in a Godly sense.Please

shake your brain to know about you?


Question everything why, why, why? As you start

thinking about everything, you will tear apart the veil

that’s hiding the reason behind it.

Always carry these six ,

Experimentative, Curious, explorer, Innovator

Know more, yeh dil mange more… Experimentative, Curious, explorer, Innovator in whatever field you are in. Don’t be a passive zombie to be a work machine. Go beyond what you are, already in your life. Because you are for more. Dont be stagnant. Always refresh yourself with knowledge.

Question or being curious, is a search torch to find that thing which you are groping for in the darkness of ignorance.
Give some time for your heart. Listen to your hearts gossip.


My question

what does it seek?
What is your heart’s desire?
When you will start to think?
is what are you zealous for in your life to know more…?


Comment in my box to share…….

With gratitude
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    • Mahi Arya on August 8, 2017 at 6:15 pm


    Good topic… thought provoking… this is truly precious pearl.

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