He is the most powerful king pin-ego


The Kingpin’s in his extraordinarily heavyset appearance, with most of his body language puffed with ego. The name “Kingpin” is a reference to the crime and abhorrent acts.He needs no introduction as his arrogance speaks volumes of offensiveness.He dictates, pressurises,forces his authority over his puppets.In our reference I want to portray ego in us with this character who aptly fits it.


If king pin rules you….


He is the viewer of TV.  He is person who wants to watch a favorite movie. He wants to see something for his pleasure. He is not interested in what is being played on the TV. He wants something exciting, he wants to satisfy his desire.


Have his pleasure satisfied

He will force the remote to show, what he wants to see. He will bang the remote if it does not work as he wills. Ultimately, he tries to get his desire being accomplished and will have his pleasure satisfied for time being.


He is of a bad character. Well its most easy to predict. Choice will be obviously unnatural, heinous, corrupting, evil, mockery, betraying videos. What is being displayed on TV depends on the character of viewer.


TV screen resembles our actions performed

Here in our life, the TV screen resembles our actions performed, displayed, externalized in our daily affairs. Just as the programs telecasted on the TV depends on the interests of the viewer. The same way the actions and their quality; I mean whether good or bad depends on the interests of the inner ruler who reigns over decision making platform.

logical intelligence to defend wrong acts

if thats the king pin who dominates he tries to steal, mock, kill. He enjoys hurting, pain, harassment videos. He tries to suppress the holy desires.He also creates a logical intelligence to defend his wrong acts and habits.He will mould, make defences to resist the holy provocations from the tweek alerts from godly soul.


Choice of viewer must be so clean and holy

If the viewer is a person of good character, his choice of channels will be joy filled, pleasant, Godly choices, informative, for character upliftment. For our TV to show the best performance or clean pictures the choice of viewer must be so clean and holy. This can be moderated by the sensible application of senses.


Its time now to know who is holding the powers

If Its Ego-The King Pin. If Ego or wrong principles are directing our thought circuit.He triggers the Red Chip in us.

what is right for me is not right for another

I don’t mean that EGO is always wrong or incorrect. It is a mirror image of what all you have faced in your world since birth. So everyone have their unique experiences. what one feels to be right may not be right for another person.


Ego may not allow him to change his inbuilt program

So, there is always a chance for the EGO to have learnt certain wrong ways as its man-made. The danger that is always possible is that this doesn’t allow the person to change his opinion. If someone tries to correct him or expose what is the truth. The nature of Ego may not allow him to change his inbuilt program which it has designed.

If inner soul directs us



If Godly soul is given the chance he will refresh the circuit with newness, hope, joy, Right balance of your time, emotions, Relationships.



Godly soul always guides our path towards truth

Truth remains the truth whether we believe it or not. It will not change for us. Its eternal. Its   unchangeable. So, Godly soul knows the best of truth and always guides our path towards truth. These many days we have let our EGO to enthrone our life. what have we achieved?

Think for yourselves. Please take your time and reflect on your times past……I’ll wait…..

Its time to handover the charge to someone

who is a grandmaster to tackle the

troubleshoot of life.

“The Great Grand GODLY SOUL who is, will, can, turn beauty from the ashes is the only hope to our purported blessed lives which have been ruined, debased, vitiated.”

Every five years we change our Government by voting.

All these years Ego ruled over you and me.

He ruined, corrupted, looted us pressing us in ignorance.

He didn’t allow us to even express our freewill.


“lets change the government of our life. lets elect the

godly soul for change. For betterment,for prosperity in

own life and family”


Come leaders I encourage all of you to carry your share to change your life by an unbreakable commitment towards God and Godly principles.


Leadership starts by rectifying what we are and then trying to bring the change in others. Start for yourself and progress.



May our lives be committed to God.

Committed for a change. In our life and our family.


In our next article, we will discuss how to train our body parts to work as they were designed for. In our series called How to Train our Dragon.


With gratitude





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