Thankfulness forever

“Being Thankful forever in life, to one who helped you, even though it might be of any size”

Thankfulness has become a rusted word

Leaders, Thankfulness is a rusted word these days. Destroyed by the fading values of human beings towards other human. Sorry !!! to start in the negative pulse. It’s the most endangered quality of human being about to be extinct from the pages of a manual of human life.


The one of the royal and precious quality of being a human is to “Be thankful”. I would like to turn the pages of Ramayana to look at the way lord Rama dealt this key character.


Lord Rama stands always as an example for how to lead

this life as God expects us to? He teaches us to enjoy in a

Vedic way.


As we discussed its wise to learn any thing from experiences, rather than reading texts.

“Actions speak more than words.”

Lord Rama and Guha


In a context of lord Rama en route vanavaasa. Guha a villager who brings food,fruits and all to eat as lord Rama was proceeding for vanavaasa. lord Rama was very thankful for his intention to feed them. He made arrangements for one night’s sleep.a small help in fleshy eyes. but Lord Rama continuously kept this in his mind about his help and used to tell every person whom he met.

Privilege for the Guha

He was always mindful of Guha’s help. Even a very little help that was done by him. Lord Rama always felt happy for the good heart of Guha to help Lord Rama. Infact it was a previlige for the Guha to help lord Rama.


Even little help of ant size

So lord Rama thought about that even little help done to him. He used to feel happy innumerable times to the one who helped him. You may think that he is God incarnate. It is possible for him to be like that, we are incapacitated humans for such acts.

Ramayana goes in vain

Then whole of Ramayana goes in vain. He demonstrated us that he is quite capable to build the Ramsethu. He doesn’t even need the help of lord Hanuman and his army of monkeys.



Demonstrate true human traits

He can do all that by himself if he wanted to show his mystical Godly attributes. But he has come to demonstrate the human traits and to portray before us the living example.


Consider the human shade

If you take Ramayana in a perspective that he was God. So he did that, then it will become totally void for you. If you consider the human shade in the incarnation then you can draw the countless pearls from his life.


Come back to context,

Be mindful of that help

So let us learn to be thankful to everyone who helped us. Lets express our thankfulness to one who shared his part with us. Let us be mindful of that help we have drawn. Be it a pencil. Be it 10 lakhs of money .

Leave about helping others,

Most obsessed to gossip

These days we are least concerned about our neighbours.But we are most obsessed to hear of their failures. Interested to listen about their financial loss. We are the curious to hear the story about their Son who has married some other caste girl,…….etc.

Is it not true? So my question today

Are we loosing our human touch?

 what is your commitment today.

Will you recollect those people who helped you in distress?

Text a message,call them ,thank them,invite them home

Do something but make some gesture.


Don’t just read this post. make a small response…


please comment in my box….




with gratitude


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