Thankfulness and Kindness

In todays world where every person is self centered, where the hum ” me, myself, mine and only mine ” is sung. No man is ready to let his mouth utter the words ” Thank you ” whole-heartedly. Many times in our daily mundane life, we may give thanks to every one but do we mean it from our heart ? I mean are they words from heart ?

It is one of the attribute which should be rubbed on from Prabhu Shree Ram. He expresses his thankfulness towards any one and even be of very little help. This situation rises at the point of impending war with Ravana. Where he feels so distressed that if even one soldier is hurt in the conflict. He was almost in a situation where he expresses words,

“ what is that if I gain Seeta by losing the lives of all soldiers and he weeps over ? ”


His limitless thankfulness is clear before every eye. He reminds, recollects any help extended by any good Samaritan.

He feels so joyful for the help drawn from any person. He is grateful and thankful to every minuscule help he has received from any person.

His thankfulness is explicit, in his act of offering last rites to Jatayu, the eagle. On his search for Sita maa, he encounters the Jatayu who is in moribund stage after Ravana has culled his wings and has handicapped to severe state. In a scenario of severe agony about the loss of Sita maa he didn’t leave the dying Jatayu. he made sure to offer complete death rites to a bird who had resisted Ravana to abduct Sita maa.

His goodness and kindness are always unfathomable.

Prabhu Sree Ram demonstrated his agape love towards man kind by his holy incarnation itself to deliver the man from the evil claws of Adharma. What else could that be, it his sheer unbounded grace to show us the Dharma padam (walk of dharma)

It is his ultimate grace to offer us a free will to choose and make own choices as per our whims and fancies.

Now it should be our responsibility to return back his kindness by being obedient to him by being thankful and grateful to everyone heartfully.


Lets see next virtue in next blog…….

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