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You can search for everything in google but can you search yourself in google. But you can search and see yourself. Not only to find yourself but also you will know how beautiful you are in sight of god.


How precious you are in the sight of God?

What is he thinking for you and me?

His Plans for us.How he designed all of  us.

How have we slipped out of his care taking hands?

You can also see yourself being unnoticingly, you are not

interested to be with him.Subsequently various things

just went in troll.We landed up in a mess.

kid who try to do some prank

Its just like the kid who try to do some prank not exposing to their parents.but ultimately they make a pomp by some devastation.Parents get to know all through he was bluffing them.The kid might have inked him self with the stains from the paint.He might have hurt himself from the dangerous act of cutting something.


Once the parents get to know that he spoiled himself.They rush to him and take full loving care of him.They will clean those stains. They might plaster those cuts on skin with bandage.They correct kid about what he was doing and where he would land up. Its all the love of parents, there is nothing hidden in it . No personal motive.Its for the kid.They are for him



We might have messed up our lives.we might be in a dangerous step ahead which we are trying to take.

God is always there to correct dear.He is not craving for our coconuts or the Prasadam which we offer.He wants our heart .Our love.Our total dedication.Our pure innocence.Our trust on him.


So as a process in knowing him

He chastises us,He prunes, He laughs.He teaches us.


“Its our effort to put before you all about God”


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