The Second Musketeer

The Second Musketeer

The Remote Control: The Senses
     The musketeer is the remote control which is as small as 1/100 of the size of TV.The senses also are the controls of our body. But if you have to power on such a big TV. What you need is that you need to press a small button of hardly 3 mm round red colour power button on your remote(senses).
   If you press on the power your TV starts display. if you switch it off, your TV is off. If you want to change the channel press the number of channel and you get that. If the sensor fails it can’t control the can’t change the channel. it completely breaks the link between the TV viewer ,and the TV.
    So the Remote control (sensor) for our body are the sense organs. Senses the most powerful, most authoritative, outlet ports of body. The inner decision maker(TV viewer) executes the inner desired thought  in outside world (TV)  by the senses (Remote control).

Five senses of knowledge (Gnyanendriya)
Eye- to see,
Ear- to hear,
Mouth- to taste
Nose- to smell,
Skin- to feel.
Five senses of action ( Karmendriya)
Hands manipulation,
Locomotion or walking
Power of procreation-Genitals
Power of excretion
Power of speech
How do they play in body: workflow of sense organ
You are working busy in hot summer
You are dehydrated, sweating a lot of water
So internally there is a decrease in body water levels
It provokes your tongue to drink in thought circuit
Then you desire to drink and look for the sources of water like a refridgerator
You go there take the bottle of water drink
You refill your fluid levels
It acts in same way for all the senses.
The sense organs under the Dominant Power of Ego or Inner soul act accordingly and exercise their power.


“If ruled by Ego”

Eyes want to see porn

Then Eyes want to see porn as Ego lusts after women to be a sexual object, it feeds on lust, violence, betrayal. it gets satisfied looking at the failures of others.

Ears to hear back biting or gossiping

The Ears as sense organ want to hear sounds of gratification, sounds of pleasure. It craves for the sensual words about women.Mad to hear back biting or gossiping, hear about some one’s failure and become joyful of their failure.

Mouth craves for abominable

The Mouth as sense craves for taste of abominable substances which enslave them for pleasure. it loves the taste of pleasurable substance.It runs for the narcotic effect of cocaine, heroin, weeds for pleasure. It also can make you a glutton.

Nose desires for the smell of heinous acts.

The Nose as a sense organ it runs behind the fragrances of scent of woman, alcohol, smoke, drugs and their euphoria. Nose desires for the smell of heinous acts.

Skin loves sensual touch

The skin as a sense organ ruled by the Ego, wants sensual pleasure. It craves for joy of sensual touch, lustful touch. Excitation by sensual objects, forceful manipulation of body for pleasure.


unholy manoeuvres

Hands for manipulation of objects becomes restless to perform unholy manoeuvres.

walking towards ungodly

Foot meant for locomotion start walking towards ungodly, unnatural, unsuitable places where you should not be.

sex stands ruthlessly mocked,

The most corrupted and spoiled karmendriya of these times, is the procreative ability or reproductive ability. I think you understood. Today, sex stands ruthlessly mocked, unhindered massacred, defense less from the act of the porn evil. Such a holy, purest act has been exploited for temporal split second pleasure.

Mouth is a scabbard

Next to the above mentioned karmendriya the karmendriya that is made a spoil is mouth intended for purpose of expression by speech. Mouth is a scabbard, which holds tongue as a sword. Body’s most softest muscle but can create war between nations. It can split brothers.It can separate husband and wife.It can Make a person a murderer. It can be used to back bite, gossip, betrayal. On the other edge with the good execution of this tongue can raise an almost dead person to life. With one word of encouragement or a word of hope. this tongue can also heal broken relationships.
The other karmendriya i.e. excretion ability is intended for excretion and cleanliness.


If ruled by Godly nature, these sense organs work in harmony for a Godly cause.
Eyes hate to see the abhorrent acts and obscene activities. They will desire to look for pleasant Godly experiences. In the same manner Ears, Mouth, Nose can exercise purity in their acts.Though not easy but not impossible to take control over senses. It takes a divine commitment, determination, discipline, to ride over them.

Untamed horse

If the horses are untamed they take chariot to their control. they will make the ride so harmful and may cause damage to chariot.

Controlled rider

They are like the ten horses of a chariot driven by a charioteer. If the charioteer can control the horses. then they will oblige his commands and take a nice ride

Divert strength of senses for Godly acts.

Our senses are the same if untamed they will rage , burn up to please the desire of the evil leader the EGO. The same senses under the rule of Godly soul remain tamed,calm, controlled and even will cooperate for Godly acts.
It is our responsibility to empower them and subdue them to your inner divine soul and direct them for a holy and clean purpose of life.


“If senses are not sensible then life itself becomes senseless”

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with gratitude
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    • Natasha on August 6, 2017 at 4:37 am


    Is watch porn a crime admin.. What are your words on this…?

    1. Reply

      hi Natasha nice to see you again before just putting before you my view, I would like to request you to subscribe for my you can get more insights from my site.Dear sis, I would also like to share my page hate pornography on FB also.

      coming to our topic,porn is watching “sex performed in secrecy”.why secrecy? it’s quite obvious that everyone prefers to maintain secrecy for their personal time.I think as a human we want some personal time with our loved ones.We don’t prefer to share our love with our most loved one, in a mall.We prefer to stay closer to them.No disturbance,No third person.infact the love I mean not just sex, but even intimacy they share make them together as that sense if I watch the love of others for my gratification.

      secondly, watching porn can desensitise the feelings towards male or female.Now everyone starts watching the app sex as a gratification toy not as a human being.Infact there are many married couples who force each other to have sex in the way they see in porn this process they don’t even care to harm their spouse.i myself have seen ‘n’ number of broken families due to unbearable want of escalating greed for sex.

      people also share a thought these days that porn is for sex education.i think that it is just a royal blanket covered to mask the evil guilt which provokes inside of their many time do they want to learn sex everyday, every hour, teenage,young age ,even after marriage.its the lust full temptation of the porn which lures everyone.hope I am clear

      I am even going to start forum for a huge disc platform.thank for being in touch.but please subscribe sis.

    • Natasha on August 7, 2017 at 11:48 am


    Yeah I have subscribed Admin and according to your description watching the porn and implementing is crime but watching for the self satisfaction (atma) to satisfy the self but not forcing brutally.. I think it’s not a crime until the second person is affected by that..

    Love or hate towards pornography is their personal opinion and is it legal to bring revolution in order to force the people to hate or love it whatever…

    Waiting for few more interesting posts regarding stress management
    Mental tensions
    Economic pressures
    Child care
    Parental care
    Indian parents opinion towards love marriage and how to change that.. Need all the stuff from you.. If you need any promotions will help you and make this something huge all the way

    1. Reply

      Hi sister,well first thanks for subscribing,i am really glad to have you in my blog.yes definitely ill address all that you have mentioned.As I have started I am really putting my effort to keep the pace.

      In reply to the context, In my opinion the point as you have raised unless and until a second person is affected that’s not a crime.
      1)I was not clear about your concept of self satisfaction
      2) For example if someone is taking alcohol and daily he takes a certain amount, does that show its effect on the first day itself? no ….it will drag you to more amount of daily consumption.three, four, five, ten measures of alcohol.still doesn’t quench his euphoria.He starts craving….. one day if he doesn’t get that he starts robbing money from his parents.then starts going for debts.starts to sell his asserts.then it doesn’t take break goes on to lose all his family relations as he is not interested about their concerns.
      still he doesn’t stop he may degrade one day to do anything for money to by that alcohol.does that satisfy him…..he still can’t stop that…..mean while he lands up with severe bloody vomitings,and some where in a govt hosp. he dies of liver failure.Hope you know that I am an anaesthesiologist and critical care specialistt.its my job to provide critical care to critical patients.every 2 out 5 cases are of alcohol intoxication. so I’ve put their stories which they speak on the death bed.
      in all these days if you ask him that, why do you harm yourself taking so much of alcohol daily?
      his answer will be the same ; what have you to do with my life? Its my life… I can do anything with that……

      thats his opinion I can’t change his mind.But because he believes in his own philosophy, it can’t be the truth.truth is truth. it doesn’t change.we can have ‘n’ number of opinions.But it doesn’t shake the foundation of truth.

      Porn also does the same starts, attracts,lures. It doesn’t stop makes you crave for that.breaks the faith in the married couple.brings a doubt and insecurity that the spouse is not interested in them.slowly they start losing the love between them.starts with small quarrels.goes to break their relation in sequence.finally parents will separate but the kids will be lost in this world of lovelessness. it goes on …..its up to that person.that he will take the truth or not.

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