Respect your Body

In our previous article How to train your dragon…… We see five elements of nature daily surrounding us. Our body is totally dependent on them. But these five elements humbly work for God without any complain. If any of these elements strike their fury on us. We are well versed what happens.

Nature’s fury

Tsunamis, hurricanes, storms, famines, no harvest, storms, sandstorms, earthquakes, volcanic explosions, sunstrokes, pollution, greenhouse effect, rise of earths temperature etc. All these disasters occur because of human mismanagement of nature. Our greed and lack of proper planning on utilization of natural resources.


 Irresponsible in Respecting Body

In the same manner as nature is an assembly of five elements. We are also a mixture of these elements knowingly or unknowingly. We are also playing with these elements in our body. We have become so irresponsible in respecting the five elements of body. We have filled our body with ungodliness and are constantly irritating the panchabhoota of body with our deeds.



Successful in damaging our body

We are successfully damaging bhoomi in us – our body (heart, brain, liver, kidneys) by limitless addiction to alchohol. People don’t have time for health promoting activities like jogging, running, walking. But can spend timeless times for boozing with like-minded people.The unhealthy  acts worked out in our daily life are spawning the unexpected diseases.Not being contended with ones own wife and involving in promiscuous acts lead to a clump of sexually transmitted diseases. Sex is the most toxic weapon against human race. Africa still humps down under this evil. 



We are also damaging vaayu in us- by filling our lungs with gallons of cigarette smoke in our lifetime. Not only cigarette, all euphoric drugs are smoked.Even the water in us by the alcohol and injectable drugs people use by all possible ways, they inject into blood all sorts of rubbish into blood. Its such an act of indignity towards the life giving panchabhoota.


Misuse our Holy body

Along with such physical acts we also spoil the sanctity by anger, hatred, jealousy, possessiveness, loveless ness etc what not…..As we have left god his paths we have left the natural ways of life.We have no patience to anything.We cant bear to hear the success of others.We don’t care for others.Love has become a dried twig. No family relationships.We have no concept of thankfulness.


Know the rupee on you

When we can understand the importance of anything then we know how to handle the object. For suppose if you have observed how you handle your laptop and a daily newspaper. You keep your laptop in a bag, regularly check for updates, keep it in a safe place. A newspaper Is almost ready to be disposed.

Value of your body

The value of an object and the attention it draws depends on the amount of money spent on it. Care for an object also is proportional to the money drained on it. The reason why we are not handling our body in a right way is that we are not aware of how costly, precious it is?


We are totally clueless, how worthful this Body is?


God has given such privilege to be superior over every creature or creation in this world. Everything subdues to your authority. If you look at a cat it runs in fear looking at you.


If you see a plant

it has life but can’t move from the place where it is rooted. if you whip the plant. It won’t even respond to your whip.


If you see a dog

it has life like plant and can move from one place to place to other. if you whip it, it may run away or may bark at has life and emotions.

If you see a human being,

he has life like plant, emotions like animal, intelligence exacting the power of God who created and made this creation. As we have seen in our articles that we are made like him in all aspects. But the agony is we received this power of intelligence from our God.


Now today many of us boast of that logical intelligence is our own self-made intelligence.    Just by discovering few technologically useful appliances, we have exalted ourselves above god.

Don’t forget we have come from him

But not to forget we just have not created something which is totally new, we have just reassembled what has been made by God from these five elements In nature.

Valuable and Precious in sight of God

We are totally so valuable and precious in sight of God. We have highest value on this body. It’s a holy temple made of the five elements of God. Where he desires to make an abode to stay in each of our hearts and be the king of our life.


He can also do this by simply horrifying us by some miracles. But he loves our voluntary submission driven by love towards god.

He wants to rule us by our whole-hearted submission to his power.


You are a holy temple, now look at your body and each of its parts. We don’t carry cigarette in a temple then why should we hold it in our fingers. They are to worship God.


with gratitude


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