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Here we take birth and grew up facing the world in our homes, our parents, school, friends and the society. We grew mentally and all these circumstances forced our mind {thinking process} to create the programme of how to lead life –THE RED CHIP (analogy: that if man is a computer).




Every time when we face some task, our Inner person/Godly nature prompts us either to

” Go ahead with the task” or “Don’t Do that”,

as per your desire or will, we go with the conviction or suppress that on a platform of decision making. Our Inner person which is Godly in nature, alerts warning about the wrong doings or our deviation from our natural way of life.

 we grew up silencing the notification




But we grew up silencing the notification from our heart and continued to do the wrong habit repetitively. Because God is not a dictator, he has given the option of free will to do what we choose to do.

Built our own database called


So with such constant suppressions and experiences, we have built our own database called “EGO-THE RED CHIP” silencing the Godly database. Not defined as worldly term. But Ego which means “Aham-I Am” {the intelligent thinking process} taking all our systems into custody to reign the body kingdom.


we have two avatars:

The flip side, we are also another person deep in our soul made special from God. So, we have two avatars. One from the Primal God’s creation in pure form, and other from World’s creation in our thought process “THE RED CHIP“.

We can discuss more in our later articles……

Back to our context: from THE RED CHIP

Lord Krishna reminds his Disciple Arjuna as his red chip is manifesting,

               You are a warrior and you are a leader !!!

                If you don’t fight then what is your Identity ???

                Just like, what is a bird if it cant fly???.

                What if the salt does not taste salty,

                Then what is it worth of. You spit it away.


If you don’t fight, you run away from your responsibility of leadership.

You are neglecting your task ahead. Making yourself busy in other deeds which are not of your concern.

Not planning the war moves and preparing back ups for the situation.

Like Arjuna, we forget

Who we are ???
What we are ???

We have lost our Salt,

We left our Special Identity,

What are you for yourself ???

Running away from our Purpose,forsaking our Roles and Responsibility towards the unnatural ways of life,not caring for our kids, their real growth, neglecting our parents,unacceptable habits which world prompts to be as Socialization or Party Culture.One after other, nurturing our fake avatar that is “EGO” growing as a task master commanding the fake nature.

So Krishna reminds Arjuna to open his eyes. He reveals what his true nature is and calls him to Uphold the true nature. Rather than wearing some other avatar of fake one learnt from the world.

So the words
” It is better to die in your nature, than to be an alien one” comes up.


Action Plan : My dear leader
Know who you are
Start learning yourself
As you learn your user manual
You will get to know how to “live your life.”
How to walk your ways,talk with others
Taking care of your family in Right perspective,
How to Morally conduct your walk every day.

Quit Your Unholy Deeds

In this process you also get loosened from the past unholy deeds and behavior, to quit them as you made it a new year” Resolution.” you start craving for good habits and Principled life with leadership qualities and stand as example to your kids.

Reprogramming the Database to Original factory settings

Start reprogramming the database to original factory settings {Godly nature}. Remove the Red Chip, you will reach your destination of your true nature getting rid of the alien nature you have put on till now.


May you choose “YES” to restore back Godly nature..


with Gratitude

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