Senses + material = pain and sorrow

Maatra sparsh astu kounteya sheetoshna sukha dukhhada

Aagamaapayino anityaastam stitthiskshasva bhaarata

Bhagavad geeta 2: 14

The above formula is a pnemonic to remind ourselves about the reason for our daily sorrows and hurt. This equation is not made by me but inferred from the Holy Bhagavadgita.

The bodily instruments of ego also well known as senses are under the bond of slavery with its fake master ego.

The pact made by ego is to wend the senses to feed him with his favourite pleasures of the world.

I could understand The above Explanation, when I was reading a book by swamy Paramahamsa Yogananda. It truly opened my perspective for the folly which I’ve perpetuated daily.

The Sense organs are so sensitive to the frequencies of its master, Ego that they nourish their lord with its unquenchable greeds.

When the worldly matter comes in contact with the body senses wnether pleasurable or not, instantaneously they generate a chemical process in the neural schemes. Thereby a kind of attachment pops out for that experience based on the feeling that is perceived.

So this attachment to the feeling generates a want or hate for that phenomenon which occurred. If that gets satisfied momentarily it becomes a trigger for one more similar event. Thereby generating a train of repetitive events of similar nature and gets deep rooted in the mind.

So sense organ’s meet with the respective stimulus by a worldly object fires the desire for that particular phenomenon.

If this want is unfulfilled it definitely will lead to hurt in the mind. This creates a turbulence in the inner peaceful serene environment of divine soul.

This is surely our daily experience if you introspect yourselves impartially. By nature of our worldly existence we are by sure in contact with the objects of world.

So how can we avoid or instead how can we get rid of it.?

Let’s find in our next article………

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