Lord Rama identified by father


Do you know ? Lord Rama always

loved to be identified by his father’s


Second life for a mother

Being mother is the most precious and greatest possible achievement for a woman. Mother always receives utmost attention and the credit for her tolerance towards the labor. It is almost a second life for a mother after delivery. She gives birth to a child and takes almost another birth for herself.

Father stands behind screen

But the other person in the back ground running the show is a father. Many of you might have seen the puppets show where the puppet manipulators are not visible. Only their puppets express what they want to do. In the same way father stands behind screen, not visible to the world of his responsibility.

Mother bears physically in the womb. Father bears his child in his mind

Yes, I don’t nullify the pain mother bears in delivering their baby. But I am trying to expose the loads of pressure which a father takes parallel to the mother who is on labor table. Mother bears physically in the womb. Father bears his child in his mind.An ideal father, also takes his responsibility of caretaking. From his childhood to adolescence and as he grows up. A father is always mindful of his kid every second in his life.


Firmness to abide by his father’s command.

In this context, I got stuck by the love which Lord Rama expressed on King Dasaratha. In our previous article Love your father as lord Rama loved, we had a glimpse of how Lord rama stressed upon his firmness to abide by his father’s command.

lord Rama as Dasaratha tanaya, Daasarathi, Dasaratha kumara.

This week we wanted to shine on another attribute of lord Rama’s desire to be identified by his father’s name. I mean you might have heard the names of lord Rama as Dasaratha tanaya, Daasarathi, Dasaratha kumara.

Lord Rama was called and identified by his father’s name

Lord Rama was called and identified by his father’s name. Why is this so important? Have you ever faced this situation? You must be looking for your friend’s house who is son/daughter of a celebrity/local politician. When you are struggling to find his address, is that easy to get the location by your friend name or by his father’s name, who is well-known to every one there?

Daasarathi (son of Dasaratha)

Lord Rama always had given such honor to his father. He felt very happy for being called up by his father’s name. He feels extremely honored to be called as Daasarathi (son of Dasaratha)

Revealing his forefathers

The greatness of Indian cultures nests in such minute perks. It is always a custom, for a person to introduce himself to others by first revealing his forefathers name. Then expressing the greatness of his forefathers’ deeds. Later revealing is fathers name and his deeds. Then finally identifying your own name with them.

This has a purpose behind it.

  •  It brings out the name and fame of family.
  •  It reveals the greatness and goodness of their forefathers.
  •  It gives an info to other person; how honorable the family is.
  • It will glorify their fathers for their deeds.


Glory to our father

We must learn from lord Rama, to attribute the glory to our father. The respect which our forefathers are due for. If we exalt our fathers and forefathers, success trains behind us evidently. This also symbolizes the humbleness in our heart towards our elders.

Honor your father or mother, although every one of us do that. But make sure whenever you have an opportunity identify yourself with your father. It gives a great satisfaction.

Personalization of your family

Start experiencing that joy in your heart whenever you take your father’s name. If this becomes a habit to identify with your father. You will also love to sense the personalization of your family and members of the family.


Consider his unexpressed feelings,

Hear to him, talk to him, share your love to him. In your childhood he didn’t took you to a doctor when you are sick because you have asked him to take. But it was his love towards you that he cared for you. The same way start understanding his feelings even if he doesn’t utter a word. Be receptive and approachable.





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