Om Ganeshaya Namaha

Best wishes to you and your family

Be Blessed Leader



May our dear loving prasanna vadana

Ganapati swamy bless us with his

abundant love,grace and spiritual




Lord Ganapathi is the first and foremost diety to receive our prayers.

He is called as “sumukhaya” means a virtuous face which

is always welcoming and refreshing.

He is also named “gaja karnikaya” meaning he assures

that he hears with his huge ears.

As “vigneswaraya” he removes the obstacles in our

spiritual path.

Some times as “vighnarajaya” creates certain 

hinderances to save us from impending harm.

He is so loving and merciful in all his Divine nature.

Tomorrow is not a holiday its a HOLYDAY.

Spend your day wisely in the Lord’s presence



know more from our article tomorrow on the beatitudes

of Lord Ganesha

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