Om Ganeshaya namaha

Om Ganeshaya Namaha

Ganesha shodashanaama, What they mean to us
“sumukhascha ekadantascha kapilo gajakarnikaha
lambodarascha vikato vignarajo ganadhipaha
dhooma keturganadyakshaha phaalachandro gajananaha
Vakratunda shoorpakarno heramba skandapurvajaha
Shodashaitaani naamani yaha patchrunuyaadapi
Vidyarambhe vivahe cha praveshe nirgame thada
Sangrame sarvakaryeshu vignastasya na jaayate”

sumukhaya namaha

innocent and virtuous face-ganesha

The name itself speaks, sumukhaya it means a virtuous face. Lord Ganesha is in nature as an innocent child. A kid doesn’t know any guile or cunningness in his heart. He is always plain hearted and knows no evil. If you look at a kid he doesn’t know who is a friend. who is going to betray him. He believes any one. That’s the flawless face of a kid. Our lord ganesha Is also the same. That he never keeps anything in heart. He forgets and forgives us in his kind heart. So he has innocent and virtuous face.


ekadantaya namaha

ganesha-passionate for the world

Lord Ganesha has broke his tusk for writing Mahabharata kavya. when sage Vyasa was dictating the words. He gave it for the sanctification of the world. He has setforth an example to be passionate for the world. There came the broken tusk for his love towards the edification of world.


gajakarninkaya namaha & shoorpakarnaya namaha

Lord Ganesha separates our wants and cravings

He is the lord who is ready to hear our pleas, our hearts cry. He always assures us of the comfort that he is always listening to us. His huge ears are so receptive. That he hears anything, limitless, even to the minutest detail. He keeps a patient hearing attitude for the hearts of his worshippers.
Well such a comforting word that he is always ready to listen. Not only hearing but also responds to the query put forward to him. As shoorpa karna he filters and grants our desires which help for our spiritual upliftment. He can separate our wants and cravings in our requests and bless what is needful for us.


lambodaraya namaha
The huge belly is because of his love towards his worshippers. As we have seen above he is like small kid who grabs everything to eat. Not only does he get satisfied eating one, he goes on to take one more in his hand and roams all over the home. So lord Ganesha out of his love he takes everything we offer and showers his blessings on us.

Lightens us from our loads of this samsara

He is of such a loving divine nature, that he cares for us and is interested in us and our affairs. He carries our burdens and lightens us from our loads of this samsara. And helps us in making a successful voyage to reach the supreme lord by the knowledge he showers on us. He has makes everything complete and fills up the deficits.


vikataya namaha

Lord ganesha-cuts down the strands of sin

The name boosts our entrance before god. As it comforts us by cleansing our past sins. we have done and bearing the fruition of the deeds and the karma which follows the human life. Ganesha as vikata cuts down the attachments of sin. Uplifts the principle of nonattachment to world.


vighnaraja namaha & nirvighnaya namaha

Vighnaraja and nirvighnaya, stand opposites to each other.

Why because as this happens many times that we plan some task for a day. You step out but your car fails or some obstacle occurs that you will not be able to attend it. Later you find that some thing would have happened to you. if you have proceeded out for the task.There he is the vighnaraja who can sprout up barricades for your task.
On the other face he is also nirvighnaya who can pluck out the obstacles. He is the one who can uproot the evils in our way. That is why he is the prime diety who receives our prayers to remove any obstacles. Make a habit from now on to just tell lord Ganesha as you start any task. If your existence is real then his existence is the same truth. He is in our breath and is life maker. Its our love to just tell him that we ae starting something. Please do bless us as as sincere prayer


dhooma ketave namaha

Ganesha-ends the dhoomasura, the demonic traint in us

It was after his heroic valor of punishing the demonic dhioomasura. After his commitment for destroying the demonic form troubling the spritual seekers. In this way he also can end the dhoomasura or the demonic traint in us. He is the god who edifies us by eliminating one by one the evils deep rooted. To prevent the attainment of yogic state of samadhi.


Ganadyakshaya namaha
He is the leader of all the troops of godly warriors. It’s really enlightening for me to know. That I have such an approachable leader for godly aspirants in the path of moksha. As all the seekers in the pursuit of moksha.
What else do we need?
is there any other god?
who can fight for us against enemies of god?
It does not mean he is leader of physical war. But he fairs in a divine struggle a believer faces to keep himself in the state of godliness. Against the ego and its gang seated in our hearts not allowing us to be in union with the god. He is ganadyaksha of the spiritual leaders in my soul to establish my godly zeal. He makes pavement for my spiritual path.


Gajananaya namaha

Ganesha – surrenders to love for a believer

The elephant faced diety is the expression of this name. The most powerful animal on the earth is the elephant. Which can just uproot a tree and carry tonnes of log wood by the robust trunk. It just obeys a minute grass like man with a simple stick. Gives itself surrendered to him to climb over it and seated on it. Lord ganesha though being such a powerful in divine. just simply listens, responds us, cares for us and lets us ask anything.


Herambaya namaha

Lord Ganesha – worshiped by lord shiva

Heramba means five elephant headed diety worshipped by the lion. Scirptures also say though Lord shiva, the supreme diety who can dissolve the creation. He also worships Ganesha as he proceeds for a divine task. Lion is symbolized by the the lord shiva. That is generally elephants run for fear of lion. Lord Ganesha is the only elephant faced diety being worshiped by lord shiva who is lion like status.


skandapoorvajaya namaha

Ganesha-happy to be referred by his brother

Skanda poorvaja means lord Ganesha is the elder brother of lord Subrahmanya who is the younger son of lord Shiva and Parvati mata. Generally it is glorious to be named after a person who is more popular than the person to be mentioned. An example:whili introducing someone people temd to say he is brother of so and so. It means the person taken as reference is more popular than the person who is introduced. This elevates the person mentioned as reference. Though lord Ganesha, is elder he named the glory to his younger brother of such previlige. Where he is happy to be refered by his brother.

Shodashaitaani naamani yaha patchrunuyaadapi
Vidyarambhe vivahe cha praveshe nirgame thada
Sangrame sarvakaryeshu vignastasya na jaayate
As mentioned in the sloka that these names have to be read daily. In our home or even at least to be heard daily. As this can awaken the latent godliness that is in sublime under the layers of ignorance.
If not able to read them, hear atleast as some one utters te sloka everyday. Because the wordings also proceed to mention about when must be these names recited ?
Before starting education, Before marriage, Before every daily task. The words must be recited as he comes up to our rescue. All these tasks will proceed unhindered and in fruition by the varasiddi vinayaka, the invincible leader who stands behind us.
Jai Ganapati bappa
Lets explore more in next days.

with gratitude
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