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HELLO folks, well as I started to make a mark in my blog about how to make  family life joyous, there was a sudden rise of high tides of ideas on the waters of ocean of thoughts in my heart eagerly to spell bound and mesmerise  you with my words.May be a little selfishness and curiosity to make you all read my letters without a speed breaker.

What is so unique of ALLABOUTFAMILY.ONLINE?

Must be thinking right!!!

Imagine any commercial internet shopping sites, the moment you search for a product through the search goggles of the site, it hooks your thoughts and tracks you and continues to display the product to every nuke and corner of your desktop pages even after many days ,or sometimes even years.



In this era of uncontrollable,unstoppable cookies tracing your thoughts and serving you as per your needs,we thought to make you become a cookie for this site, may be sightly over zealous probably.

Myself being a Doctor >> listening,looking,watching,lives of my patients and the circumstances they trek as a family, it triggered me to address various concerns which button up to every individual bearing their responsibilities as a son/daughter,father/mother,teenager grand father/grand mother.


Now I reach the pinnacle,

On the hard rock foundation of guiding concept from Indian epics like Ramayana and Mahabharata and other precious literature,to practically apply those pearls of wisdom to our daily life and  reboot our ideology and taste the joy of  a family.


If you are thinking,why should i follow, its mere waste of time…….

may be the words you read may help you,be more planned every day.

may be, the words may calm the raging emotional whirlpools in you.

may be,they can strengthen the loosening chain of your relationships.

may be these words can make you more productive in workplace.

these words might patch up the lost and build great friendships.

they may also inspire to take better care of you, your parents, kids, spouse who are in need.

these words might turn your home to blissful “home sweet home.”

These words can be a floating door which ROSE could get in TITANIC at the climax of the titanic to live for more 95 years…..

So choose for yourself and your family

                                                             After all it’s all about family….

Come, travel with us to make a joyous journey of your blessed life.

allaboutfamily serves as a unique platform to fill up the incomprehensible vacuum in your hearts with the satisfying joy of living your life to its brim.

Nothing religious, no commandments are forced on your tender hearts, allaboutfamily exhibit the pearls of wisdom for free and you can grab which ever you liked and loved.

kick start your day with our daily quotes assures its visitors with tiny catching daily inspirational mystic quotes which will keep lingering through out the day for a holy revival,as your kick start your we plead you to join as a member in our voyage.

with gratitude,

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Thanks A Lot, Friend

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