nature: God’s best channel

Hope you are a TV jack. Then don’t miss this programme tomorrow. its Sunday


Tune in to the best channel : Nature

What rubbish ? nature !! where is the channel. Leader its universal Geographic channel launched by God ages before.

no shopping mall,no cinemax,imax,multiplex


When I was a kid I visited hill stations like ooty, kodaikanal.I always used to feel sorry for people who live on mountains and river basins.that these people have no TV,comforts found in a city,no shopping mall,no cinemax,imax,multiplex.

pity for us

But now as I get older I find myself contradicting.I think it was vice versa that those people living in tribes or valleys of those mountains must be having pity for us.

Only to watch where we daily live

That these poor people come to watch all the way from far faraway places. Only to watch where we daily live and have our livelihood. They must be smiling at us. Hope you must also have had the same thought brushing your old memories.

Why do we plan such outing trips to such serene places?

Why do we get so excited when we start planning our travel?

Why do we make all such scheduled tourist visits?

when you see the same sun, burning the place where

you are and where you will travel to.

When you have the same air flowing in both the places.

When the person whom you travel with also is same at

both the places.

Leave everything, you,yourself are the same old tired one

travelling all the way to such landscapes.



Dear leader, because

you belong to the nature.

You come from the nature.

Your survival is on the nature.

Your state of health depends on the nature.

You get refreshed when you are in the nature.

You have same five elements that are in the nature



Imagine this close your eyes, just remember the last time, you had that refreshing scene.


Nature can give a freshening breeze, that cools the

raging temperments In you.

It gives a warm hug to console the  heart that must have

been deeply hurt.

Nature can unbox the stress packed in the closet of


It can soothen the pain of artificiality which

we have structured in intelligence.

That’s enough from me, Leader I encourage  you to watch the  channel tomorrow.

Pack your bag.

Plan a long drive move out of city.

Take a break.


Just experience the time  and post your comments in blog.


with gratitude




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    • Santosh on August 7, 2017 at 2:26 am


    Perfectly agreed

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