Maha swaasa dwara of our holy  



After knowing our eyes in watch and turn your eyes. let us get down the face. The grand, vital, gates or “dwaara” for the entry of swaasa or breath the nose. We are so busy that we dont have time to feel the air which is combusting the fuel of food. The air breathed in is the key panchabhoota that is the sustainer of life.

Body-holy temple for god

As we have seen in our earlier article panchabhoota. We have discussed that we are made of five elements of god. The agni, vaayu, water, akash, bhoomi alloy together to bring this beautiful structure called as body. This has been erected by the elements to raise a holy temple for god. For god to dwell in our inert structure called body.

Life from Godly spirit is the vital core

Before that the holy temple must be in “Chetana” or animation of life to accommodate the spirit of god. The life from Godly spirit is the vital core of our “Chetana” as human being on earth. For exalting the name of Godly spirit.
I would like to emphasise the word “Narayana or Vishnu,” from hereforth


“Yacca kincit jagatsarvam drusyate sruyate piva


Antarbahischatatsarvam vyapa Narayana stitha”


-brihannarayna srutao


Which means whatever is present in this world. Which ever is seen or heard is pervaded by Narayana in the inside and the outside of everything in the world.


From the blade of a grass, in the wings of a butterfly. In the creeping caterpillar, on the wings of a gliding eagle high above the earth. In the majestic swimming whale hiding under the huge waters of oceans. Infact everything dwells in him.


“Vishnum” is residing in our body in garbhaalaya

That is what makes him “sarvaantaryami,” “sarva vyaapi” omnipresent or omnipotent. Now as I am writing these words I am getting goose bumps.
Such a great lord handles our beating heart, filling the lungs with air and squeezing them back. Lord Vishnu, prompts us to take food by the vaayu in our stomach as hunger in our stomach. Who else can take such care of us. Lord Vishnu or the eeswara makes our brain think and decide on daily confronting issues.


I can’t stop praising him till I die

Lord Vishnu keeps us clean of all toxic wastes by kidneys and eliminates the unwanted waste. Lord Vishnu digests the food. The food we eat must like be an offering as fire offering to a yagna havanam. Because the lord digests it by the agni one of the panchabhoota. I am glad for my medical knowledge being a doctor helps me know my lord Vishnu more and more at the microcellular level.
“Sarvam vishnave vishwame vishnum”

Right there where ever you are 

Look guys his highness, the Lord Vishnu not only as the sustainer inside of my body. But the great lord also the sustainer of world and nature by his godly elements or panchabhoota. Now can you hide from lord Vishnu from anywhere, any place.He is still there and right there where ever you are.in fact we dwell in him.
Such a holy god, his majesty prabhu Vishnu or naarayana or eeswara or name any thing you like. He comes and sustains our life.


Life filled vishnu as breath goes down the lungs

As we were discussing the sense, Nose as one of the five senses. Its purpose of smelling or as an airway acts as maha swaasa dwara. Through these channels does the life filled vishnu as breath goes down the lungs. Brings out the waste out in exhalation from the holy temple of lord Vishnu.

Holiest gates or the nostrils

Imagine such holiest gates or the nostrils of the majestic temple of our body where god stays in garbhaalaya or the soul. Its our previlige for him to stay in us.

Delight in the holy fragrance of god

The sense of smell in the nose is puported for taking delight in the holy fragrance of god. Look at the nature, lord Vishnu is spread out in this world as a life sustainer in invisible form.
“You need not be conscious of your breathing while in deep sleep”
Now know that the lord Vishnu has filled the air with oxygen as life for human being. In his grace he made a mechanism that without any effort you breath air and flush it out. Brother you don’t have to force yourself to breath. Even you need not be conscious of your breathing while in deep sleep.


God assures all sufficient to keep you alive

See the love of god, even when you are in deepest sleep where you forget abut you. About your family. Where you are almost dead. But god assures that he is all sufficient to keep you alive. The moment lord Vishnu comes in the morning with his penetrating warm rays as sun to bring life on earth.


Garbhaalaya or sanctum sanctorum

So how much careful we must be to choose what to allow in our body. Whether it be food, fluids for the matter even the air we breath. The food we take everything goes to the garbhaalaya or sanctum sanctorum of our holy body.
My question is can we let the smoke of cigarettes or the obscene, fragrances that arouse lust in us. The abhorrous things be allowed in the temple. Even if after reading this and knowing that we are disrespecting his holy presence in us.
Beware my friend,let’s turn back to the feet of Eswara who is always with us, in us, around us.

with gratitude
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