Your are made of Earth

Your are made of earth, one of the the pancha-bhoota.Don’t disrespect it


God who is the author of this programme called creation, Sustenance, destruction of this life maintaining a balanceGod is the sole proprietor of this immeasurable assert which cannot be quantified. Life is all under the power of God.He is filled with life. His presence itself is life. His memory fills life. He satisfies this soul with life. Life is the uniqueness of creation.

As we regularly say if something is not

moving or not responding. We tend to call

that “it turned lifeless”

God manipulates this nature as we have discussed in our previous article on Agni. How essential fire is and its presence in nature and in life all creation.

The same way the earth (bhoomi) or the soil is one of the five elements of this cosmos.This element of earth is vastly spread and occupies massively on this planet.This is one of the elements which can be felt, seen, tasted. Wait a moment and look at the mother Earth around you. I am sorry if you are in a concrete jungle where you can’t see a fist size of soil.


earth is filled with life

See the soil on which our farmers depend upon for their farms is the basis of our country economy. Why is the soil so important? Soil is so abundantly filled with life. earth filled with life is covered by innumerable plants, seedlings, huge trees.


Earth- waste mango seed- green shoot-Life

Nothing to do just throw a mango seed after tasting the pulp of mango. Throw it in the soil. After a few days you will see a green shoot sprung up from the heavy coat of soil. 

Earth is reason for such colourful landscapes

Soil is so life filled that can turn the rubbish into pleasurable, delightful flowers, plants, herbs, shrubs, trees. We every time admire the landscapes, but we neglect to see the basement of soil. Which is the reason for such colourful flowers, widest range of herbs and shrubs. It gives such amazing pictures that spell bounds your imagination.

Earth for pharmacy

Soil turns the excreta of birds droplings into huge trees. The soil is power filled, life filled. Life in It turns the soil into medicines needed for all our health ailments.


Reserve bank of creation

It also keeps store of such crystal-clear taste water. It has huge reserves which is feeding us with such essential element for life. Now we also know, that we have already started to corrupt our resources by our mismanagement of the mother earth.
It has such reserves of coal, minerals, diamonds, gold, precious metals, oil. Which are exploited for our greed in want of exalting our pride.

Not only life giving-life scavenging

Apart from that soil not only can give life but can dissolve all the creation made of these five elements and can digest everything that lies on it. It dissolves a dead corpus of an animal.

Swallowed burning lava 

It covers and protects us from the extremely scorching melting lava which can dissolve even the mountains. It hides under it such burning temperatures. God made this priced “LIFE” that it couldn’t be explained and shown.Earth is one of the most versatile and essential life elements.

As we come to our body, Earth in our body also makes huge portion.

Didn’t get that, Just pinch the bulk of your cheeks,or grip your forearm with the fist. See the bulk, that is it “ your flesh” where did you get that from.
How did your flesh grow? What is that made of wood, fibre, plastic. It’s a mould of accumulated carbohydrates, proteins, fat from the food products which we take daily as food.

In turn what are all these vegetables, fruits, animal products, somewhere or the other they are derivative of soil.

You are in body an accumulation of soil in an acceptable customized theme of your display from the crude soil.

Blend of life

I feel this soil has been blended with life like water mixed with flour to make a dough. Can you see water in dough no but its presence holds the flour together. The same way soil is blended with life. Got that you have come from soil and you will go into that soil.


Respect the soil, as it’s our source of life and is the major part for our existence.

Remember always that you are made of pancha-bhoota.

Respect the life 

Don’t spoil this body made as a Holy Temple

of Fiery Five elements with heinous ungodly acts


Can we burn this holy soil in us by cigarettes, and we take pride to be a smoker?
Can we mix up this pure soul with the wine, and people mock if someone doesn’t drink.
Can we let the vapours of lust to be poured on this unrecoverable life?


What is your commitment ???

“Know that You Are A Holy Temple made of these elements, which are Gods equipment”


You are amalgam of these godly five elements of the

most ferocious God, who can destroy to ashes in a blink’s

time. It’s his love towards us that sustains us.


Let us be thankful……. Leaders respect your holy temple, “The body.”


with gratitude


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