Love your father as Lord Rama loved


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Love your father as Lord Rama loved”




Lord Rama in his life always has put one principle to be followed.

It is he never

took back a

word that has

proceeded from his






He maintained his discipline to stick to word

that he spoke.


In the context of showing respect to king Dasaratha, father of lord Rama.

When lord Rama had to oblige his father’s unspoken, unwilfull command to proceed for vanavaasa for 14 years. It was after the desire of rani Kaikayeee, wife of king Dasaratha.

Lord Rama was about to be a king in the immediate morning when mother Kaikayee has forced king Dasaratha to give orders for lord rama to proceed for vanavaasa.

There are two things to be learnt:


Lord Rama didn’t even utter a word of disappointment. He started for Vanavaas.



Later there has been a huge sequence of events took place. But in our context Lord Rama was pleaded by Bharata, his brother to return to Ajodhya. He was pleaded by his mothers. He was pleaded by his Guru Vashishta muni, even but he stuck to one word.


I can’t belittle my father’s faith in me.

If he has given me an order,

i’ll bind to what has come from my father’s mouth.

His word shall not go void.

Today we many times neglect our father’s presence in

our life. A father who keeps his kids in his mind. Always

thinking of us, planning for us, securing finances for us.

But once he gets old we start disregarding his words,

advice, their feelings, their happiness, their love. We miss

out their precious care on us.

But lord Rama even after he got to know that his father

is no more he remained in vanavaasa for the 14 years and

didn’t fail his word.

Please think for a moment about what’s happening in your life. My leader analyze for yourself. Give your father what he deserves.

“Love your father as Lord rama loved”


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    • Natasha on August 2, 2017 at 4:20 am


    But at the same time father have to take care of his family, take responsibility, take decisions, handle financial issues like you mentioned above.. There are some fathers who doesn’t even care his wife or children words with no reason.. Waiting for a article on that.. (This is not to hurt anyone.. Just the personal experience of middle class Indian)

    1. Reply

      yes dear friend,I ll defn address the issue in subsequent articles .it was my cornerstone article.but I appreciate you for your involvement friend.

        • Natasha on August 4, 2017 at 5:40 pm


        Thank you admin 🙂

    • Arya on August 2, 2017 at 4:33 am


    Nice context… well explained

    • Santosh on August 2, 2017 at 1:51 pm



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