learn from baby whale to cling on to God

“Make effort to cling yourself to God,like a baby whale holds her mother”

Have you ever watched National Geographic Channel. so

have you ever watched an ocean episode. Little baby

whale piggy back on her mother whale.

It never leaves till

it gets her own protective defences. It would be

somewhere hiding under those sweeping fins.


Suddenly, It fired spirituality in my heart
why not???
Every thing in this universe reveals his omnipotency.


Whale delivers her baby whale in water i.e. in an ocean where nothing can be static or in a particular position. But still she knows her dependence on her mother whale. Hard fact is may be the whale can’t even turn back and see where her baby whale is swimming in those deep blue waters. Since its delivery,the baby whale knows her mother. She doesn’t leave her mother.
A newborn whale knows her mother and piggy backs her dorsum. She depends on her mother for food. For her survival. To learn the fighting skills. To grow up as a replicate of her mother. After birth the baby whale sucks milk from her mother bosom 
Most young whales will continue to suckle the nipple for 6 months to 2 years. Some times a young whale will continue to suckle from the mothers nipple,even when the mother stops producing milk.

Me & My Angel

Just to add this point, I am a father of a little cute daughter of 3 yrs old. I am so glad for she is in my life. I am even glad for my wife because she is the first blessing. Later added to my count of blessings is my dear daughter.
She taught innumerable
lessons on living with God.
Must be startled right!!!
How can 3 yrs old kid teach me such lessons.

My daughter and me


I remember the joy I had when she was born

I was so happy when I touched her little feet
My heart was filled with contentment.
I kissed her,pampered her,took every minute care of her
I brought teddies for her to play and sleep
I wished that she should never lack anything
I made every effort that she should not be face any discomfort
I make sure everytime that she doesn’t get hurt while playing
I wouldn’t sleep even when she suffers a fever
It used to wet my eyes when I had to leave her for any official tour.
It always reminds of her in my mind
I cant stop myself thinking of her
I felt on cloud nine when she calls papa on phone with her sweet kiddy voice.
I expect that she depends on me for whatever she need
She should come and ask me not my neighbor
I expect that talks to me daily
I want her that she would run to me when I return home from office
Just step in my shoes if you are not a parent

It brings tears if something in all abve mentioned things don’t occur


Now from Gods sight


God feels happy for when I m born


He looks at me from my birth to my every minute of life


Though he may not kiss you physically 

He makes sure that he will share his love daily


He gave me most precious human life


He gave me things to eat,drink,breathe.


He made sure that I don’t lack anything in my future


We can explore his unfathomable love in our further articles….


Count your blessings


Is it wrong for him to expect our love in return?


Just put God in your place if you are a parent.

This will definitely change every motive of yours in any task you perform daily. You change from the inside.You start doing everything for your God. Not for yourself!!

That is a system God has designed for raising the individuality of a creature. God intends that we also depend on him.

We must trust him in all matters. we must heed his advice.Ultimately he is our maker.Who else knows best about us?

What is your commitment?
Can we learn from an inconspicuous animal which does not even have any identity.
As the little whale teaches us to piggy back our creator always.Draw the nourishment, life from him.
Make your effort to Cling to God ever and always.Because he is always trying to hold our hands. But we slip out of his hands by our self.
with gratitude
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