beatitudes of nature


Nature is the most common and frequent inspiration to innumerable people, for innumerable times. Every time you are tired enough in your job, only one word comes out of the mouth.

Come lets have some fresh air….

I still remember my college days. we had a lawn full of grass meadows, cushioning the moist dark brown blanket of soil. I could notice a small fluffy white hairy moving object. I noticed that it was a small white kitten rolling over in joy.

The moment I saw that scene it refreshed me so much that I felt how lucky is the little cat napping in the soft, dewy grass. It was running behind the teasing bees on her face trying to hit them hard.


That day the little cat winked me,
Life is to enjoy in its fullness

God has made this beautiful, nature as a wonderful,refreshing panoramic theatre. with uncomplaining Earth with a brown carpet of life filled soil. A romantic clip with the lush full of green grass swaying to the romance of the cool breeze.

In midst of such serene, magnifying, awe struck scenes. Here comes the animation with the cooing birds,with chasing scenes of a dog behind a cat. The ever busy and never caring, tiny creatures the  mighty ants bearing huge responsibility. All these glamourised by the butterflies kissing the flowers in varied costumes.
Above all with sun and moon manning the light house for this beautiful stage. Turning the lights for a brighter view and making it gloomy for a romantic evening with rest full nap in the night.
In this view I thought to have a look &

Glorify and learn the beautitudes of nature

Which she is ever ready to inspire us. Teach a quantifiable wisdom provoking us to rip our veils of artificiality in us. Just tinker for a moment, the ever clear water which quenches the thirst , flowing in brooks and streams.

The air which can’t be grabbed in your hands is filled with such a life, even the worlds best AC can’t comfort us more than the gentle breeze on your terrace.

 The warmth from the sun which generates the power of life.It is his warm hug that energises us daily. Imagine a day when sun doesn’t shine and hides in the clouds. By default our mood goes gloomy and feels lazy.

We are also part of this wonderful nature

In moments of stress just have a look at the serene nature. it refreshes you without any doubt. It also inspires and encourages and balance your waving mood fluctuations


Look at the sky it calms your raging tempers, at the tallest trees standing stable unworryied. All these remind we are also a part of nature.we have nature in us also.

Nature can restore, refresh, nurture, relax you.

Learn how to be natural from the very natural, nature.

So lets hear what nature has to say:

The system of five elements are found in Vedas, as Pancha bhoota. Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Space, Ether. All included in the human body, is made up of these five essential elements and that upon death, the human body dissolves into these five elements of nature, thereby balancing the cycle of nature.

They can be considered as leaders in subtle way. silently

expressing their leadership qualities. They can only

found if you can appreciate in them.

with gratitude

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