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Now let’s begin our job, from henceforth, I would like you to call you leaders not readers. As you have made commitment to read my insights. Let’s start the journey of transformation-THE RED CHIP in us

To Treat The Root cause Is Vital


Being a Doctor, I was taught to treat my patient’s disease from the Root Cause. I mean if the patient has any infection, I will try to reduce the infection than to treat other symptoms. So, my focus in the article is to expose you to the Root Cause of failure of Personal Leadership.


The Golden Treasure:

From Mahabharata, Lord Krishna speaks with his dear Disciple Arjuna, at the Kurukshetra (the war field).

“It is better to die in your nature than to be in alien one”


The Context

In the warfield of Kurukshetra, as Kauravas and Pandavas are about to start the war, Lord Krishna in support with Pandavas side.

Lord Krishna warns Arjuna,

As he starts shrinking from his responsibility of    leading his side instead of planning his war moves .

He starts to lose his nature of a warrior and imitates as if he has never fought a battle.




Every person has been created by God, in a special unique way with his own composition. You are a Delicacy. You are the only piece in the stock of his creation

I’ll show you these images first:

So what did you notice a Butterfly,
One of his creation, he takes care of every minute detail of colour pattern in his creation.Every dot, symmetrical colours and the fine whit dots at the rim.












He makes sure that his creation must be so special and never fails to miss a line or a dot on the butterfly wings or the peacock feathers.




Genetic study show it is so hard to find a composition like you. Yes all of us have same body parts, but do we match anywhere. These microscopic strands decide your hair colour. You look like your mom or dad.Admire his ability  and praise him for the creation.May be God hates to repeat the same thing he created as each and so everyone is very different and unmatchable








From the mega Cosmos VY CANIS MAJORIS (biggest star) to the Living cells inside of us, from the microscopic electrons to the Biggest Star known everything exhibits his marvellous creation. 












For a moment look at yourself, just blow air on your hand, done??  Can you feel the air but can you see that? Amongst all his creation, he has a special favour towards you.


its a glimpse to realise how great is he !!!! whether we believe or not……...


So, HE…….I mean such an Omnipotent God made us with a unique nature and made us in his own image, with the”Power of Thinking” and “Privilege of a Free Will” to exercise. This Godly nature exists in us as soul/inner man to lead us, guide us, correct us to walk in his ways.

Such a God has made our unique soul, according to his Good pure intention. He made us exact like him in his utmost, unfathomable love. Only to see us respond to his love by being submissive to him.
Probably its quite natural to expect our love in response towards him, who gave birth to us. May be all you who are fathers and mothers can think for a moment.
Does it make us happy if our kids don’t love us


But then………



Please follow in the next article……….. THE RED CHIP-EXTENSION


with gratitude

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