HELLO leaders, its always inspiring to listen 

lessons from leaders which are words of


I remember my college days, when I was in my Zoology lab where we read about an earthworm and its body parts.

A frog and its body parts. In theory class, not even a word used to make sense when a organ was explained.

But the moment we went to lab. Our excitation bubbled up to cut open the earthworms and lab animals to identify those parts.

Please don’t mind for giving uncomfortable example. It was very difficult to understand them in words.

My line to be grabbed is

Things are more easy if our eyes see, than our ears which hear”


Leaders, who strived to uphold the principles



So I want to expose lessons of 

leadership qualities  from

various victorious Leaders.

Because you have seen them

leading their life on principles.

I believe, my words in the blog may be complemented by  the actions of those leaders, who strived all their life to keep up the principles they believed in.



 Blessing for us to walk in leaders foot prints

It is a blessing for us to walk in the foot prints made by

those personalities. All my efforts are only to make you

aware of the leader in you. We are caterpillars moulting

to become a butterfly.


Most common saying in the words of pessimistic people

He Could Do That Because He Was So And So ,He Had So And So,His Father Was So And So“…etc


 Beauty from the Ashes

Here we are living our life not for others, but for self. if

we imbibe those constructive thoughts in our life, they

will turn Beauty from the Ashes. lessons from leaders are



Sanskrit spells a word “anushthanam” which

means application or execution.

See I am a doctor, I have read volumes of books from my mbbs period. what is that of use if I don’t give a medicine to a patient after reading an ocean of words.

Leader’s knowledge must be in daily application

Dear friend, you might know all these facts. But they must be brought to daily application minute by minute by hook or crook. A Leader persists in his race to hold the principles breathed In and out.

Guts to show your back for what you believe in

Its easy to get compromised in an issue but it takes guts to show your back for what you believe in.    

Are you gutsy for a change ???

for a positive change, for a leader in you.

Bang hard on yourself to see that leadership principle live in you 

Absorb the principles and bang hard on yourself to see that principle living in you leader. Take a challenge to apply even one of the victorious principles and see the change. Leader makes sure that he will surface the leadership quality in him.


For sure you will bear the fruits of wisdom and be a

mature leader and stand as a role model.


This page serves you power capsules from lessons of leaders. 

with gratitude


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