how to train your dragon

How to train your dragon



Hope many of you must watched this movie.

The island of Berk is part of remote Viking village from which dragons periodically steal livestock. Hiccup, son of the clan leader, Stoick the Vast, is unable to fight the dragons and instead fails to bring them down. During one attack, Hiccup believes he has shot down a Night Fury, an extremely rare and dangerous dragon.



Stoick assembles a fleet to find the dragons’ nest, leaving Hiccup in a dragon-fighting class. Hiccup returns to the forest to find the Night Fury still there, and realizes it is unable to fly properly because of its cripple caudal fin.

Hiccup gradually tames the dragon and gives it the name Toothless“, for its retractable teeth. Hiccup makes an artificial fin that allows him to guide the dragon in free flight. By studying Toothless’ behavior, Hiccup becomes proficient in subduing the captive dragons during training.



The Vikings expel most of the dragons but are overwhelmed by the giant dragon the Red Death which kills the smaller dragons. Vikings couldn’t make triumph until Hiccup, and his friends fly dragons and provide fire cover in the battle. Toothless and Hiccup destroy the Red Death.



So, what has the movie got to do here……???


As in line with our earlier articles the red chip, three musketeers and Ego- The King Pin. We have learnt that we are encountered by two shades the “Ego or Aham” learnt from the world and other pure inner Godly soul.


Both are residing in a neutral, unbiased appliance called as Body.

It is a tool for externalising the inner thoughts. It is has no has no choice. It works as per the commands of the inner ruler either Ego or the Godly soul. It knows only sincerely obey the command of the inner leaders. If Godly element leads the decisions, things are clean and life is on the path to Godliness. But if the other one dominates we run towards doom.


So, in the process of training our dragon…

first lets us know the dragon…



Why did I call dragon?

Dragon, I mean our body….


As till now we have let the dictatorship of Ego in our life. He directed the senses to work for his pleasure. He made the body to dance according his will. He ruled ruthlessly, untamed, invincible to anything. It Is the body, In similarity to dragon. Ego made the body a dragon in outward manifestation. Though not exactly looking like dragon but almost dragon like qualities in our way of life.


To train our dragon, we need to know the value of our body


What was Gods perspective of our body ?


In our article Panchabhoota we have discussed on Agni, bhoomi and others. We are essentially made of these five elements in an amalgam. All these panchabhoota are integrating in a disciplined fashion. In a way obeying the command of God to constructively externalise the inner unperceivable portion of human being.

Panchabhoota in our body


Air(vaayu) is important in nature. The same air of the atmosphere is existing in ten forms in our body. Prana, apana, vyaana, saman, udaana, naaga, koorma, devadatta, krukara, dhanunjaya. if you just know all of them you will be surprised to know their role in our body. Responsible for the various activities of our body.



Fire(agni) of nature also in our body works for the body temperature maintenance, digestion of food subsequently all the calories are burnt only to produce heat if you speak biochemically. Heat is needed for very metabolism of body.


Earth(bhoomi) in nature is also in our body as the bulk of flesh. We in Toto as a body are an accumulation of soil and its derivatives directly from soil or from animal products. We have grown up till this weight of 50-100 kgs of mass not just by eating air but by eating fruits, vegetables, cereals and all stuff from earth.


Water needs no explanation. Even a bird of your fist size knows how important it is for survival. Medical knowledge reveals the fact that man can live without food for few days. You can’t live without water. water forms the 60% of body weight as blood, body fluids, abdominal fluid, in brain as cerebro-spinal fluid.

In heart and lungs though minimal as pleural or pericardial fluid to lubricate all the spaces and reduce friction amongst surfaces. As fluid in eye to maintain its globe. Water as urine which we pass daily can drain all the invisible toxic wastes generated by the body. Any change in the normalcy will lead you and me to hospital for the need of a ventilator or a lifesaving dialysis.

Ether or akasha

Finally, ether or akasha the invisible element, the akasha the fifth sense being the subtle form of five elements with the thought predominance and the basic inner voice required for our soul. These are the holy provocations in the heart to lead a spiritually guided life.

God implemented these elements for using the body in a godly manner or Vedic way of enjoyment.Enjoy everything on this planet but to be enjoyed in a godly way.


its our responsibility to train our body according to godly path….

please follow our next article you are a holy temple……

with gratitude





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