Hear about hearing

Hear about hearing


Sravanam keertanam vishnoham smaranam padasevanam
Archanam vandanam daasyam sakhya maatmanivedanam
It is two liner rhythmic liner picked up from the Bhagavatam of Telugu literature. By revered poet Bammera Potana who translated Bhagavatam in telugu language, by the grace of Lord Sri Rama Chandra Murthy.
The first prerequisite for awakening the devotion.
Yes, everyone has the intuition of love to God.
Love to god gets rusted because of the persons’ subjective liking, towards the world and its affairs

Senses-courtyards of Throne of God

As a part of our study to train the dragon. We have seen our eyes and nose acting as the courtyards before the Royal Throne of God. Now as a turn let’s look at the ears which are the receptive chambers for understanding and getting involved in the world.


Telephone of body

Ears as an anatomical organ, handles the task of hearing as a primary sensor for auditory perception and maintaining the balance of body.


Balance of body

If you get to know how god designed the vestibular apparatus of ear, you will be surprised for his master piece. It is a protective defense God has plugged in our ears to keep our balance in gait.  


Sravanam the first word scribed above means “to listen”  


So, what to listen?

  As seen in our previous article about nose-mahaswaasa dwaara. As the vaayu as one of the panchabhoota carries the life in it as prabhu Vishnu enters his garbhaalaya in our soul. Vaayu is also the life carrier of sound waves. As sound or Dhwani Taranga carried in the medium of air. Recollect the basics of sound waves in 7 th standard physics.So again, vaayu the one of panchabhoota is the crucial element for the transmission of sound waves.

So how is hearing so important?

Ask an old mother who is waiting for a phone call from a son. Who has not heard the voice of her son for one year and dried upto her bones. It’s a recent incident in Mumbai, India. Please follow the link http://www.hindustantimes.com/ .
Ask a person who has lost his hopes in life what is the value of sound fo a comforting word? Ask a soldier who loves his wife and stays away for long time? Ask him who is born deaf since childhood?The words that a kid hears all his toddler days builds his entire life.
Ask a person who is stranded in an unknown place. Knows no one to approach and midway if he finds who can understand his agony.
The words carry life in it. They fill up the hopelessness. Voice of commanding officer in the war can make the soldier to offer his body forsaking his family, dreams, kids, his own life. Hearing the voice of doctor can boost the health of a chronic sick bedridden patient.

Fill up the ears with the juice of divinity

  God made these receivers of sound, as to listen the words about beauty of God. Listen his praise. Hear to his paths, principles. How will he instruct, discipline his dear ones? How he will always lift us up from this ocean of samsara.In the end, how he can remove the sting of death in us.Listen always from the elders. Don’t speak too much before the elders. Because pearls of wisdom spillover as elders speak. God is very, very, very elder to us.  

My friends hearing to words which can rip the heart will bring sorrow, disappointment, discouragement. We never prefer to talk to people who always are full of pessimism. We also don’t walk ahead to hear from those who brag about themselves.


If he had never walked into lab

A person is so by the way he hears and by the way he speaks.   Mere knowing doesn’t bear any fruit. The things heard and learnt must always be applied in our daily life. If Dr Abdul Kalam had read a lot of books on space craft building and doesn’t ever walk in a space lab. Would he be so successful in pioneering so many space projects?  

So, knowledge not implemented is a scrap.

No use, at all to him, nor the family, nor the society.

Die hard to apply what you heard even of ant size.


Death always trails behind ungodliness

King Ravana knew everything about vedas, religion and its philosophy textually. But couldn’t control himself in his lust towards Mother sita devi. Innumerably he was warned by many about his heinous act to possess mother sita devi. Ultimately, he has drawn death unto him as a magnet draws steel to it.

rama 2

Godliness is being humble to hear

But Lord Rama was so humble enough to hear from his brother Lakshmana, while he was in agony after losing mother Sita devi. Lord Rama heard every command from his father and his mother Kaikayee. Even to the verge of losing his princely status. He heard the harsh words of out casting to wilderness for 14 years with gentle smile on his face. He didn’t even express his remorse or frustration. That’s the sign of a leader like Lord Rama.  

Use your ears to hear his voice and subject the estate of hearing to the mighty hand of the Lord Vishnu in the garbhaalaya.



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