Happy independence day

Happy independence day

Its every time we are on this day of Aug 15, nostaligic. Right
As kids we must have have smell of biscuits and sweets served on independence day in schools. We happily used to run back homes with that 100 gms paper pack with oil stains on the pack.We used to be very happy with those small miniscules of happiness. As we get older,mature we realise we that life has turned out so much that we don’t even identify that senescence has curbed us.

we miss the joy of our childhood life

 May be we miss the joy of our kid life. We are somewhere in a state missing those school days.  We were happy even though we had no money hard earned by ourself. We were happy even when we didn’t have freedom to do what ever you could do now as adults. We were satisfied by those days of sound sleep in nights when we slept at 9 pm after dinner.We had contentment even when everyone were giants before us.When everyone imposed on us their feelings.
Yes we were dependent on everyone for everything. But truly INDEPENDENT DAYS IN LIFE where of those past childhood days.
All those childhood days were happy independent days not just on every Aug 15 of year.
Do you feel your independence everyday & everytime,
Are you free from everything truly.


Are you happy to your heart every moment?

Well then one question?
Can you stay all alone ,all idle ,all calmness, all absolute silence,no one around you?

No mobile,gadgets,books,television,friends?

Your answer please….

need not write on my site.just write on heart

Have you ever observed these words proceeding out of your mouth. 

 “I am bored.”

You must have heard these words….why are you so…..?

I think there is someone with you always when none is around you?

Its you who is with you

But still bored, why?  Did you ever think?


You don’t want to be with yourself

It’s you yourself with you.You are not able to be with yourself.You don’t want to be with yourself. You like to engage always with some or the other gadget that fills up the time. You make sure that you are not all alone with you when you have done something which you should not do. But some times when you are in pain you don’t engage with others.One phrase comes out of your mouth “leave me all alone.”

Am I right or wrong???


Guys so why is that one time you want to be with you and some times you hate to be?The inner Godly soul always directs you the truth. It doesn’t shake with the circumstances.It is unchanged.It can never flicker.


sometime engage with everyone

In moments of some ungodly act, we will become restless because our portion which provoked this act can’t face the sharp truth of inner Godly soul. So there arises the guilt in our emotions.Which trigger restlessness within ourselves. in order to silent that restlessness in our mental process or thoughtful portion. we engage this by busying in certain useless things by name of entertainment,television,porn,drinking and gossiping.

few times leave me all alone

But the same mental process or the portion which performs the action is feeling pain from some hurt that it faced. It provokes the person to stay isolated.lock the door.remain calm and silent. You remain inactive on whatsapp,FB, or social media.
Why you love to be with the inner one in you?

God soothens our pain

You might have observed when we are hurt by the words by some one whom you love.You come back to your room and speak infront of mirror or into the air. Its the inner element of god that soothens our pain.

So the godly element lies in the deep seat of us always to

fill our life with the joy and happiness.

He is there to make us contended.

He is always to help us,inspire us.

To keep us in the image of God.

But as we loose our association with the inner soul, we are locked by the ego of this world.
We run into bondage.We are trapped in a vicious cycle of good and bad actions.


“So truly we are not independent. My desire that we may

be independent from this ego,but dependent on God for

everything in our lives.”

Many freedom fighters have fought for country independence.But you must fight yourself to be independent of ego.

Happy independence from ego

with gratitude


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