Sree rama – firm on his vows and words

A QUESTION OF NOBLE VIRTUES: Prabhu Sree Rama is firm on his words and promises


The greatest scripture Ramayana, which emphasizes on upholding the most vital ‘ dharma ‘ which a human being should strive to keep implementing in life. Knowledge without being executed doesn’t yield fruits of spirituality.

The desire to quest anything everything is the lock to the door of saint Valmiki questions saint Narada about the idealistic, virtuous person of those times? The every ideal he enquires about lets us know of every virtue we should bear in our lives. I feel fulfilling every minute detail in this question will turn out our image into lord rama.

The first pearl, saint exposes are “Prabhu Sree Rama is firm in his vows.” Prabhu sree rama was a man who stands firm and firm and I would further stress to strengthen this word that he is so firm to his promises and he means what he means each word.

I repeat every word that comes out of his mouth should become an action. That means before uttering a word he thinks a lot of the words that he will speak. Prabhu Sree Rama makes a point that we should be so cautious of the words about to flow from our mouth.

This virtue has always been evident in his commitment to make his father righteous by continuing his exile into the wilderness. Even after hearing the demise of his father, he didn’t deviate from his decision to prove the righteousness of his father and to keep up the word given by his father to queen Kaikayee.

When prince Bharata and all the royal caravan encountered prabhu sree Rama in the wilderness to invite him back to Ajodhya. There he stands for the word given to his father that he shall not return back to Ajodhya to fail his father’s command.

So, the virtue to be polished in us is to watch over the words that flow from the stand for the word that has been given. Firm commitment to bind to the word given.

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