Fire ( Agni ) for our health

Fire( essential element of panchabhoota)

“You are an amalgam of five elements (Pancha-bhoota) of nature. They are designed by God to sustain the life in this cosmos.Be thankful to the master who made you.”


elements of



Have you ever thought of the five elements of nature ? I never had a clue in my childhood. But It felt to be horrific that I’m surrounded by bhoota (something demonic). But that’s childhood. when I was just analyzing myself and my Medicine(MBBS) literature, I got to know that they are sustaining me. The sun by his warmth transfers the life energy to keep body’s temperature.

Fire ( Agni )

As a doctor, I know the importance of maintenance of temperature. We daily perform surgeries. I make sure that in my operation theatre, patient is covered by warm blankets. Special warmers are equipped to keep the patient warm. Any fall of body temperature is very hazardous for the patient.




Internal condition of body in balance

Heat is must to keep the internal condition of body in balance. on which all micro enzymes work as per that temperature which Is maintained. All essential metabolism of food needs fixed temperature.

Your Pediatrician

If you are a parent then your pediatrician must have advised you, to take your newborn to sun light daily in the morning at 6 am. To supplement him with vitamin D from the sun rays. Any negligence may lead to jaundice and bony disorders. So, fire as one of the five elements in nature works in our body to energize all the body metabolism.

God has his basic tools

It is the temperature raised by the acid in stomach to digest the food. It also kills all the bacteria that enters the body by food. Then digested food is absorbed and taken to the cells for proper utilization of glucose. This maintains our energy reserve and is released as and when required. God has his basic tools as these five very essential elements.

Even you might have observed you won’t like to work in cool climates. Since body feels lethargic in cold temperatures.

So, heat from the element of fire is very vital

to live, breath, digest, excrete, maintain our

daily activities.


Be thankful to god !!!

Every day for the warmth that touches our skin. Next time when you see sun or feel the heat thank god for his wisdom of unique creation of fire.


with regards




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