01 Aug 2017




“Fear, is a two-edged sword. To have it brings a great sense of responsibility. Having in excess is a disease. Lack of it totally plucks off our identity.


Fear-Basic animal instinct

Fear is a basic animal instinct, gifted by God to protect itself from the enemy. It keeps up the basic survival of the animal. Man, also is subject to this animal principle. As we know anything in excess or anything less than the essential measure will not be acceptable. For e.g. A cup of tea with full of sugar makes it unpalatable and if it doesn’t have the minimum for taste then it tastes bitter.

Essential but in balance

Fear is required for survival. It brings a sense of responsibility. It makes a person to think twice about an act, which he is going to perform either driven emotionally or responsibly and makes him understand the consequences.

It helps him in securing his family either financially, mentally, socially. Its required, but to balance it is important. In excess leads to failure in fulfilling the essential duties even. It will not let him be as a human. It makes him ineffective.

Handle it carefully

On the other side, lack of fear causes a man to behave like an untamed animal which brings him unnecessary mishaps. Under the rule of EGO, this instinct can become a powerful weapon to corrupt a man.

But the divine soul handles the tool perfectly to keep his functions normal.Fear towards god can set our daily affairs in a right way.


Fear of God is vital for a fearless life.

If you fear God,you will no longer continue to be under the Power of Ego.

You will start submitting every aspect of your day to god.

your senses start listening to you.they will become tamed.

if your senses( karmendriya & Gyanendriya) are under Godly control.

No longer they can trigger raging temptations, greedy desires, uncontrolled lust for fame and wealth.

if you put god in every frame of life, every minute.

You will start working for God not for your boss and your workplace becomes a temple.


we can discuss more about this in our subsequent articles……..as it goes on.

In short if you FEAR GOD > Then every thing in your life fears God.Ultimately you lead a fearless life.

God has become object

Unfortunately God has become an object or we don’t even consider his presence. So we have lost our authority to control our lives and families.



“Let the inner man handle it, he knows better, how to handle it”


How to let the inner man handle it ???……please read our article THE RED CHIP


with gratitude


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