Arishadvargas-defenders of “I”ness in us


” I “must decrease and ” he ” must increase

When a good job entered life, there comes this letter I

When a duplex has been erected there comes this letter I

When assets have been secured there comes the Only I

When greed overtakes the needs then comes I

When sharing is fading there comes the letter I

When jealousy crawls over contentment there clings the letter I

When ego dominates humbleness, there comes the sting I

When boasting shouts over blessing pops up this one I

Where truth doesn’t stand before lie there comes the letter I

But my heart always cries let this I die, till I die



 ” I “

My leader, whenever “I” is uttered in my mouth. I find myself to pause and think for a second. What is this ‘I’ followed by. Scriptures speak that “I” can bring with it six add-ons with it. They are called as “Arishadvargas” meaning “set of six.” which I would like to identify them as an in charge of office.

Kaama, krodha, lobha, moha, mada, matsarya are the six

constant incharges constantly patrolling this letter “ I “

in us. They are given the task of protecting “Inner Aham”

Let us try to understand,



“I want it, its for me, It is only mine”

it is the extreme state of desire to have that materialistic thing. It is strongest urge that can pull the person from realizing his Inner Godly Soul. I would like to project him the strongest powerful in charge who makes die hard effort to retard your progress “in killing the ego” and attaining the self-realization of your Inner Godly Element


It can make a person so selfish that he loses his ethics and morals. He can go to any extent of cheapening his character. It makes him to exploit anything for his gratification.Kaama entices a person by mainly lust for materialistic pleasure, sexual gratification, worldy possessiveness.

Krodha (anger)

“I am what I am, none can be greater than me”

It is another most important incharge if employed wisely. If he is under control he can properly execute his functions in the worldly affairs. It is the strongest defender of “I” ness in a man. krodha unchains itself whenever the Ego is downgraded by another person.


Let’s say if you are with your colleagues, you are discussing about any issue.You have someone who object with your opinion. There you are stuck with difference of his opinion and this triggers a debate between both of you. Then this debate goes on for a hot topic. You find yourself in a place where you are not hurt by the opinion but by that insult in the group and this creates a personal revenge on that person. You may never talk with him for life time. this is a very basic example. It can go even to extents of homicides, suicides also.


I am an anesthesiologist(doctor) and I’ve seen cases of a son stabbing his own mother for she has not given him money for drinking. Krodha makes a person so attached with materialistic physical body. He can’t bear listening a word of correction. Now a days even kids also are so furious if someone advices him for anything.




“I have earned, I made this, Its mine, It belongs to me”

The office bearer for greed for everything. He also in union with kaama tries to grip the person to the identity of the I ness. These both work together for chaining us to this world. It makes the person so convinced. That the wordly man gets so attached to this perishable body. These twins make him believe that he is going to stay forever in this universe. It makes him convinced that even if all the cosmos disappears he will still be flying somewhere in the vacuum with all the asserts he had gathered in this world.


It makes him so possessive that the person even forgets that all he is receiving as a blessing from the mercy of God. They will make him so mean minded that he can’t attribute the glory to God who showered these blessings.


It makes him shout only one word “I have earned, I made this, Its mine, It belongs to me”




Godly things become unreal in his world

The delusionary false attraction towards the world and self. It makes the person strongly affirm his emotions to the wordly things and all relations of this world. It makes him believe unreal things, temporary things of the world seem completely real.


It makes him believe his body to be eternal and Godly things become unreal in his world. His focus gets narrowed to things of world. He loves to be in this falseness than accepting the true reality of Godliness which is everlasting.





“I have done, I did this, I made that, there is none like me”

A feeling of deep pleasure derived from one’s own achievements, or from qualities or possessions that are widely admired. It can take to other extreme where a person who is enticed by the glory of good deeds. He starts to boast of his good deeds. It is craving for his deep desire hidden in him to project his goodness. it makes him so addict to the flattery of others for his charity.


It forces his lips to utter “I have done, I did this, I made that, there is none like me”




Boast about self and crushing others success

Mada can conjoin with matsarya to boast about self and on other hand it relishes on crushing others success. Matsarya is being envious or jealousy that doesn’t let his own person’s achievements and possessions to be taken lightly. It makes the person that there is none like him and all others are inferior to him. This is most common in us to observe, it makes us so difficult to be in a position where we can’t hear victory of others. Though we may not accept it but it always lies in us.


We will discuss more in next articles ….


Statutory warning


Six enemies from attaining the state of our self-realisation of inner godly soul

Leaders are not allowed to have these offices. Because they corrupt a leader. All these together are called as arishadvargas. which are six enemies from attaining the state of our self-realisation of inner godly soul to break the walls of Ego.


In these days, if a leader is jailed by lust for women, money, any materialistic thing. His lifetime is not sufficient to come out of the blame he has been stained. If a leader is full of anger and filled with untamed pride he will not be able to listen to others. He straightaway rejects the advice or correction from either a worldly advice or a Godly advice. If a leader is full of greed and jealousy people won’t even think of talking to him or spending time with him as he can’t give them the comfortable atmosphere of a refreshing spirit.

From the cleansing words of Jagadguru Adisankaracharya,


Kama Krodascha Lobhascha Dehe Thishtanthi Taskarah Jnana Ratno-paharaya Tasmat Jagrata Jagrata.

Beware of these six enemies making a comfortable residence lying in an ambush of heart and they are awaiting to steal away the Gyana or Godly knowledge which can uproot the I ness in all of us. They can steal the precious stones of Gyana(the Divine knowledge)


What is your state ,identify, rectify with Gods help……



Let’s see in next article of how should he be increased? or whom to be increased?


Let not forget the words of jagadguru…….


with gratitude



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