lead yourself to lead your family


My Heart Goes In Tears These Days,


That I Had To See Such Corruptful Ways,


Where Hatred,Ego,Disappointment,Betrayal Stays,


I See A Kid Disregarding A Father, Walking His Own Ways


I See A Daughter Neglecting Her Mother,These Days


I See Every Person Drenching In Wine For Mortal Embrace,


I See The Smoke Of Drugs, Provoking Death In Chase,


I See Teens, Seeing Ugly Things Getting Trapped In Porn Maze,


I See Tears In The Eyes Of Old Couples With Unstoppable Prays,


All Destroying The Beauty Of Family, Leaving Pain& Noisy Frays.



My dear friend, in the society where


lying has become a delicacy in mouth.

Hatred has become the moral,

Gossiping,Back biting is new entertainment,

Porn has become the favourite time pass,

Women have become toys of self gratification,

Parents have become a disposable tissue, where selfishness prevails.

I worry about my kid, which she is going to face tomorrow. I fear……about every kid’s future.

Can you just give your gaze on my website for few seconds.

When you can give time to look at shopping sites for ‘n’ number of times. When you can spend hours together for some useless thing.



To See Every Educated Youth, apply the Godly Ways In Every Day Activities By Reading our Indian Scriptures.

To make every one know their ways and rise up as a leader and to bear the responsibilities.


Rise up…..my leader !!!



WHO AM I ???

My dear Readers, to brief about myself I am a Doctor,an Anaesthesiologist. My interests cling to philosophy and exploration of ancient Indian and holy scriptures.


Since my childhood,

I have seen blissful families and broken famlies.I have seen families suffering unbearable financial debts due to untamed want of money.My eyes have seen, families crumbled due to illicit relationships.

I have grown up looking at the unstable journey of families due to lack of responsibility of head of family.Unseen stories of people as I found in various print and electronic media.

On other side, families with a Responsible Father and loving Mother carving their kids into responsible citizens for the society.




To frame up standards of an Ideal Family.




My Questions about life and the Inner Spiritual fervor turned my eyes towards various Scriptures, Epics. In my search I’ve found that Ramayana and Mahabharata enlighten us with many reasonable, preventive steps that could help us escape disasters in family life.


Have you ever bought an Electronic Appliance


so did you find a booklet called User Manual.


So have you ever read that or thrown it away.A user manual gives us set of Dos’ and Do nots about the appliance. If you read the manual you can get the best of your appliance for which it is made. If you poke it with wrong idea.


You bashed it for a repair, and spoiled all your hard earned money.

So scriptures are like the user manual for every human being. If you read them you will shine. If you don’t, you are unaware of how to manage your life.


” lets you know your manual for your life” from the scriptures. It also throws light on how to apply them in your day to day situations to bring the best in you.

Let our words scan you to make your system clean.


To shape up a well balanced Financial, Spiritual,Emotional,Loving,Exemplary blissful families.

MY GAME PLAN: To play the best moves

I have made a set of Principles, from various characters in scriptures, which help us in developing a great Personal life. we will discuss them in our articles so that we can apply it to your life, as well as enlighten your family members.



Good Words Brings Good Thoughts,

Good Thoughts Build A Great Character,

As Great Character Builds Great Personality,

Great Personality Brings Great Person In You,

Great Person Can Lead A Great Family,

Great Family Contributes To Great Society.


with gratitude


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